Would They Invest In The Hardware?

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The investigation also found that two Wetherspoons pubs within just 500m of each other can also have wildly different prices for the same drinks. Wetherspoons charges more in some parts of the country than others. It’s renowned across the country for being cheap and cheerful but now a new investigation reveals that the price of a pint at a Wetherspoons can vary wildly depending on where you live. Katie bought her sprawling house in 2014 but she is now reported to be £100,000 in arrears on mortgage repayments with debts of £800,000. However shortly after sharing the happy family pictures, Katie was forced to slam trolls who commented about her eldest Harvey telling them that he has been in her ‘sole care his entire Christmas holiday’. Although sharing a son, Katie claimed in her YouTube video that the former Aston Villa footballer hasn’t seen Harvey since he was ‘four’. Speaking to her hairdresser on her YouTube channel in October, the model said she would love to turn up at the footballer’s house with Harvey. The mother-of-five said she would ring her ex’s doorbell and ‘be there with Harvey, the best porn just for him to see Harvey.

Harvey was born with rare genetic disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome, among other health complications including being blind due to Septo-optic dysplasia while he is also autistic, has an underactive thyroid and diabetes. However she was declared bankrupt at the end of November and the court ruling meant a trustee could sell off her assets, including her nine-bedroom home. Katie’s other woes during the year have included her being declared bankrupt and being at risk of losing her home. Katie was banned from driving for three months in February and fined £1,500 after being found slumped in a ‘very’ drunken state in the back of her vomit-covered pink Range Rover. The site should be well-established (at least 3 months old and indexed by search engines). Katie’s outing came after she was banned from driving for three months in February after she was found in a ‘very’ drunken state in her pink Range Rover. In a series of cute Instagram stories, the doting father and step father surprised Bunny with a pink bike for her Christmas gift. Meanwhile, Kieran Hayler, 32, who Katie is technically still married to, spared no expenses as he gifted costly presents to their children Bunny and Jett. During court, Katie was cleared of drink driving after the judge said there was no case to answer, because there was no evidence of who had been driving the Range Rover before police arrived.

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