Why is it necessary to get vaccinated against COVID-19? Switch brands? Even though the WHO issued a warning?

health and self care It is the first and most important thing that has it all. Especially in the era when the world is spreading like this, covid-19 is another danger that should not be overlooked and is a disease that is a problem for people all over the world. in this manner as well So what is known as a modification? In terms of perspectives and elements of something, something has to look for form and composition. of management as much as possible as much as possible

In particular, various vaccinations which is now a hot topic in Thailand Very much is medical. and public health in Thailand Vaccination is recommended. interchangeable brands and are widely recommended to continuous switching of drugs However, there has been a warning from the World Health Organization or WHO that it should not be done as well. However, we have to look at the medical reasons why. to have suggested this way or สุขภาพ.cc including Why and what are the mechanical reasons?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Department of Medicine of the Ministry of Public Health. Issue announcements of important guidelines with the guidelines for vaccination against COVID-19 to those who have received the service registered in the agency and including the affiliation of the medical field with those who received the first dose of vaccine to be That’s it. Sinovak in early July.

In addition, the service recipient The second dose of vaccination has been changed to astrazeneca from 19 July onwards. Therefore, it is another service that includes monitoring and evaluation. vaccination with this type of switch as systematically as possible in order to comply with the changes of the current species and in order to be vaccinated as effectively as possible for meetings or including the public with group immunity as well

It is of interest to foreign media.

After it was announced Even the vaccine switch this time, it can be called. Many countries, especially news agencies, are interested. It is very much in Thai public health. There is an announcement to adjust the injection guidelines. It states that Thailand is the first country to use two cross vaccines between the inactivated vaccine and the viral vaccine. After having other countries try to inject these 2 types slowly. Which is the same type of injection, but bad brands such as China have injections Sinovac interspersed with Sino Farm. and the results were at a satisfactory level.

however Although the theory of vaccination For the brand or cross it. It will be something that has been tested but has no research. clearly with this experiment. And how long has it been proven to be 100% effective, but is it safe? And including a good effect on the body or not, it makes the World Health Organization. has not yet come out to certify its effectiveness This time that it’s safe and come to sign, so there is information about the vaccination. Switch this type thoroughly one more time. As a result, it has been issued to warn countries that are thinking of such injections.

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