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Pony boss Illi hope team strive for the first round of round

Beijing July 29, wholesale nfl jerseys the 2018 season’s pony has been found: cheap china jerseys free shipping 10 games only after the regular season, and the outer card defeated the opponent Texas, and regrets in the partition. Such brilliant results naturally make people look forward to higher, more than fans, and management.

There is a health (a little) four-point guardian Andrew Luck, defensive Xinxida, Darius Leonard, the potential coach Frank-Lake, I don’t want to expect it.

Jim Irsay, team boss, said: “We really want to be great, let yourself stand out wholesale jerseys from china different teams, becoming a unique file.”

“The actual point says that in the team I have managed, the pony is also the best, with PEYTON MANNING, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, etc. It is not inferior to the time. (Now) The players are very special. “

“It’s really exciting. Andrew welcomes the best age, there is no obvious weakness on the big list, and only the performance of their return is good. We can perceive confidence in the air & hellip; & hellip; but also prove that this is not arrogant.”

Illi gave the team first set up a small goal: “I hope the team will get the home advantage and the first round of the first round of the playoffs. When the ticket is only the beam of the beam of the super bowl, there are always a master. In order to achieve This goal, we may need to win at least 12 games, which is really difficult. “

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