Whistleblowers And Insiders Reveal The Veracity Of Secret Space Programs

But sooner or later they too will come upon a stream and be given another choice to get back in. Getting out of the boat to the side of the river and watching the stream go by is like taking a break or meditation. The two helpful modes are therefore swimming with the stream or taking a break at the riverside. You are watching the stream of life pass-by but not taking part in it. That you cannot live in the past or deny any part of you, especially the parts that you may not like, this is part of Polarity Integration. I have learned that if someone doesn’t trust you, there’s absolutely no way to convince that person that you are trustworthy. I fear LE will fob it off the same way they did with William Control: “Just star-struck horny adolescents who consented to have rough sex gif sex with a rockstar/Youtube star only to realize they didn’t like it. They were free to go whenever they wanted but chose not to. Nothing we can do about it.”. This type of meditation allows you to consider your trip up to now, to determine which streams you would like to go down next (possibility of divergence).

Its only an alignment of attention and intention with preferred streams. But if your assignment-of-importance is too strong you will loose your calm and attention and cause a boat wreck. It is the assignment-of-importance towards that alligator that focuses you on it. So instead of steering clear of the alligator you move towards it. Same thing for an ugly alligator swimming through the river. In fact, being focused on the past will make your navigation look even more awkward If you are at a relaxed and silent part of the river and you are steering as if you were in the rocky area you were a month ago, this slows your progress and can even make your boat keel over. Anthony had no right demanding to be part of the action, you had every right to engage in homosexual activities in you’re own home without a drunken stranger wanting to be part of it, being drunk was no excuse and he deserved to go to jail, the only reason he is still there is for a crime of robbery that he committed later in life.

How can I stop Herman from being an adulterer? You can let the waters and winds lead you naturally. And they will both lead to good destinations. The only path leading to troublesome destinations are swimming or rowing backwards (against the stream) – through which you are exhausted and the scenery around you starts looking bleak and dangerous – or leaving the stream into the wilderness without a map. As most souls are not interested in the easier way but more interested in drama and struggle, this “with the stream” path will give you a sort of “advantage” over your fellow human beings by which you appear “magical” to them. If God tells me to give to her ministry, I would, if it is to help save a soul. I finally took hum to get mentor and substance help again only to have him lie to me about needing money for paperwork, and cutting out to drink and drug once I left for work. When you get back into the stream (finish meditation) it is more probable that you will then be flowing with the stream rather than against it.

Why? Because you’ve taken that time out to see in which direction the stream is actually flowing. Ensure that you have enough time to prepare your food, so you can enjoy your company, and watch the expressions on their faces as their ’waiter’ brings them their orders. She says that I’m the crazy one, and supposedly she saw me staring at the wall on our living room webcam (we got one to watch the cat while we were in class, OK?). The mums have said they were so disgusted by hardcore porn online that they decided to produce and direct an adult film they’d be happy for their teens to watch. You don’t have to leave the river or struggle. In their impatience they drag the boat out of the river and try to find that stream on their own. A beautiful mermaid pops up out of the river in the near distance. Now listen carefully! Take 2 minutes to read the next page and you’ll discover a stunning trick which will make your spouse love you for the rest of their lives even if they are this close to walking out the door. And it is not helpful to try to take a short-cut to another stream (reality) by carrying your boat across land


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