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Using condoms will not increase sales of porn but not using them may well start to cost sales. Also, start dating your wife again. When your man is having a hard- on, push his penis towards his stomach and start licking the underside of his shaft. Typical penis injuries of this kind are caused by an unfortunate slip during sex, which causes the penis to hit the female pubic bone at just the wrong angle. Let’s see what science has to say about penis enlargement exercises. Corrigan also stated that this Cobra video producer emailed him after the public disclosures to say that “traitors would be dealt with accordingly” and to expect lawsuits, embarrassment, and financial ruin. Corrigian claims that shortly before his 17th birthday, totally free porno video his older boyfriend (same one mentioned above) contacted a Cobra Video producer and showed a nude, sleeping Corrigan to Cobra Video by webcam. In a July/August 2006 GayWebMonkey magazine interview, Corrigan stated that on several occasions he tried to explicitly state to this producer that he was underage, but the producer was not interested in hearing the information or in having the information publicly disclosed.

Pennsylvania State Police and a Multiagency Task force investigating the Kocis murder believe Lockhart (Brent Corrigan) never knew these two men would really kill Kocis to get him to work for them. Bryan Kocis, owner of Cobra Video, was found dead in his Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, home on January 24, 2007; police said his throat was slashed, he was stabbed 28 times and that his home was set on fire to hide the murder. During the time these scenes were filmed, Corrigan stated that he also developed a close relationship with Cobra Video owner, Bryan Kocis, and that the relationship eventually became sexual. Corrigan’s attorney announced publicly in 2005 that Corrigan was underage when he filmed several scenes for Cobra Video. After the announcement and the subsequent recall of the titles in question, Corrigan and his business partners were then sued in federal court in San Diego, California, by Cobra Video, LLC for trademark violations, cybersquatting, breach of contract, and other disputes.

On September 13, 2005, the four Cobra Video titles featuring these disputed scenes were pulled voluntarily from circulation by Cobra Video, through their distributor, Pacific Sun Entertainment. Watch Fucky Dance Movies Video. Zak Spears (born in Rochester MN in January 15 1965.) an award-winning hairy, muscular versatile stud who tops as well as bottoms in his movies. In most appearances, arab sex videos Everett both tops and bottoms in his videos. The scenes from these shoots were spread over four videos. Corrigan then went on to do two shoots with Cobra in 2004. The majority of these scenes were receptive, bareback, anal sex, with the exception of those starring both Corrigan and Brent Everett, where a condom was used for Corrigan’s bottoming scenes. If you’re having sex, then the thing you tend to be getting off on is, in large part, the knowledge that your partner is immersed in an entirely-selfish orgasmic experience mediated by the drug that is your body.

Turns out, that was his thing. Those videos were both critically and commercially a success, being consistently well reviewed as well as top sellers for Cobra video. In August 2006, Channel 1 Releasing announced that Everett will appear in three new movies for Chi Chi LaRue: Sized Up, Starting Young, and 2nd Inning: Little Big League 2. He was interviewed by Jason Sechrest on KSEX radio November 8th, 2007. The video of the interview is available on Brent’s site (below), in the news section, and also here. Brent then states that he agreed to get a fake ID in-order to do video work for Cobra. The towering 6ft 2ins tall sex pot was born in March 1974, and grew up in a small town in Missouri before leaving the country behind and moving California to work as a manager for a telecoms company. She believed she was too pretty and too worldly to stay around Missouri.

He stated in an interview that, at 16, he believed he “knew everything.” He also believed his boyfriend’s statements that fake IDs were used “all the time” by underage performers and that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. In may 2004 Kent Larson announced in a public interview that he had left the adult business and to pursue a career as a personal trainer. Zak is also a personal trainer, a bartender, a tech-head and a dog lover (he owns two Chows). For those of you interested in how he got his stage name – Zak Spears – it came from two sources. Kent’s friend, porn star Jake Hanson, convinced him to get into gay porn and faster than he could blink an eye he was soon being sought after by the likes of Falcon and Hot House where quickly created an exciting and extensive library in his short two year stint as a porn god. He is also a consumer watchdog who likes to assist consumers in making the right software purchasing decisions. His huge uncut cock, pendulous balls and boyish looks quickly caught the eye of the mayor studios who were beating each other with mallets to be the first to sign him as an exclusive.

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