Watch Drama Serials to Be Happy and Yoga Videos to Become Healthy

Need a mood changer, this post want to get away from your woes of everyday living.

Nothing better than watching drama serials on TV or better yet look up a website or TV channel providing short film videos online. Drama serials have changed in the decades following its initial avatar from serials like Hum Log in the 80's to Udaan in the 90's to modern day Saas Bahu serials.

Though the themes have changed the emotions showcased are the same. Love, lust, sadness, happiness, troubles in life, jealousy and envy is emotions that various characters in these drama serials have portrayed over the years and still do. Old message in a brand new bottle is lapped up by serial viewers even today.

Packaging for these serials has become slick, highly technical with cinema like direction used to portray the live of protagonists in them. High octane drama, stunts and no longer the mainstay of movies, but have become a staple in the drama serials shown on various TV channels.

Each new episode brings a known or unknown twist keeping the viewers hooked.

New Age directors are as young as 10+ years these days. Technical savvy has made the kids experts at handling cameras and other gadgets that they can use to showcase life through their eyes.

Such showcases can't be full movies that viewers watch however You Tube and other video uploading sites have fostered an era of short film video. These videos are sometime a way to show something new to garner audiences or it's like a tip of the iceberg to show a series that has a social message to convey.

If a person wants to portray life his way, what better than to shoot a short film video and uploading it on one of these sites where other viewers can give their opinion of the same. Such viewership can help to make a new star or thrash a budding short film video maker.

Eat Healthy, Live healthy is the mantra today for many. People are becoming obese with obesity a new age disease unlike the earlier times when people were healthy even after eating Ghee and other fattening products.

New age comforts have added to our woes and solution to lose weight and stay healthy without having to spend is that popular yoga video that everyone is talking about. Yoga videos cater to a huge market of consumers that dislike gyms and prefer to lose weight the natural way.

Such videos have been shot by health experts that explain the benefits and advantages of performing a yoga asana. India being the incubator of yoga, yoga asana is quite famous and known what with grandparents or parents following those rituals taught by their parents.

Yoga videos are not just sought after by the old but also by youngsters who prefer green living and want to be healthy in a holistic way. These videos are here to stay and give competition to other exercise offerings that can be short term. Yoga offers long term benefits and those who aspire to be healthy naturally are likely to opt for yoga videos available in the market.

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