Trump’s Pee Tape: Analyzing An Incredibly Convincing Fake

Other plaintiffs’ depositions and testimonies in the Girls Do Porn case, as well as two first-person accounts from women who talked about their experiences online, similarly allege Girls Do Porn lied about how it would distribute the videos. On websites devoted to harassing and revealing the real identities of people in adult videos, internet users shared extensive personal information about women who were in Girls Do Porn videos, including photographs lifted from their social media accounts. 9.99 per month, Pornhub Premium subscriptions offer users access to perks including more than 100,000 “premium” full-length videos, hot web cam video and ad-free viewing. Girls Do Porn videos, told Motherboard. Katelyn Bowden, founder and CEO of revenge porn activist group Badass, told Motherboard that her team is in contact with several moderators at Pornhub, who are typically responsive to takedown requests. Aaron Sadock, an attorney who is defending Girls Do Porn, told Motherboard. The agreements they signed with Girls Do Porn are multi-page contracts full of fine legal print, and make no mention of the videos being posted online or even the name “Girls Do Porn,” according to O’Brien. There are around 400 women featured on Girls Do Porn, and only 22 are suing the company.

Multiple women who claim they were lied to by Girls Do Porn have said that they did not realize the videos were being widely distributed until they were featured on Pornhub. OkCupid doesn’t have to re-open messages completely, because some people do like their privacy — but it would be great if they had an option to toggle it on if you don’t mind being hit up by strangers. This is a massive amount of exposure for people who say they didn’t want to be seen having sex on camera in the first place. The written word has a strong place in erotica, many women, in particular, porno 17 have been dedicated readers and writers of this genre for years, bringing so much raw sex-induced fantasy into hot erotic stories of love and lust. According to John O’Brien, one of the attorneys representing the women, at least 100 women interviewed by his team have said Girls Do Porn promised them the videos would never be widely distributed.

ALLURE: So what do you hope people will understand from watching John and Annie? E.L.: What I would hope is for them to see that sex is something that probably will accompany them during all their lives, and to stop obsessing so much on that it’s only something for young people. Most Girls Do Porn videos begin the same way: A young woman sits on a hotel bed. Two young teen girls exploring each other for the first time! Girls Do Porn is promoted on Pornhub’s partnerships page, as both a “content partner” and a “Premium viewshare partner.” Content partner videos are available for free, while viewshare videos are limited to Pornhub Premium subscribers. But its videos are also available on Pornhub as free shorter clips or longer “Pornhub Premium” content. According to O’Brien, videos of at least 11 of the women involved in the case are still hosted on Pornhub.

However, both the partner contracts and Pornhub’s terms of use show that Pornhub can remove content whenever it wants. Pornhub “reserves the right to remove Content without prior notice,” the Terms & Conditions state. Motherboard has found that women in Girls Do best cam Porn videos are still being doxed on Pornhub today despite the ongoing litigation. Pornhub, one of the most visited websites in the world, is hosting and profiting from videos of women who say their lives were ruined as a direct result of the videos being shared on its platform. Viewshare videos generate more revenue for the partner than free, “content partner” videos. But O’Brien said he and his team has spoken to more than 100 women in Girls Do Porn videos who’ve had similar experiences. The women in the videos don’t reveal their real names on camera, but once the videos were published on Pornhub, the real names of some were doxed by Pornhub users. And as they take their case to court, Pornhub continues to make money off of them. Girls Do Porn is one of Pornhub’s most popular channels and continues to upload videos to Pornhub, with the most recent video uploaded two weeks ago. According to court documents, the women suing Girls Do Porn allege they did sign waivers—but under duress, rushed, sometimes drunk and in hotel rooms—permitting the company to do what it wanted with the videos.

NBC OUTFollowing court ruling, generic Truvada could soon be available in U.K. This doxing led several of the women in Girls Do Porn videos to endure ongoing harassment, depression, and suicidal thoughts, according to court records, online posts, and an interview with Motherboard. Some of the videos posted to Pornhub have been viewed more than 40 million times. Aside from being one of the platform’s top-rated channels, Pornhub uses access to Girls Do Porn as a selling point for Premium subscriptions. Porn being mainstream isn’t an unpopular opinion. The “top shelf stuff,” Pornhub says in its Premium frequently-asked questions page, comes from partners including Girls Do Porn. Pornhub Premium viewshare partners have to sign a contract with Pornhub, according to another partner who asked to remain anonymous. As the 22 women who are suing Girls Do Porn explain in written testimonies provided to the court, posting these videos online, and specifically to hugely popular websites like Pornhub, has had a disastrous impact on their lives. The woman who spoke to Motherboard anonymously had the same experience, but wasn’t even aware of the case until we contacted her. Motherboard granted the woman anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the videos.

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