Thermal Laminating Films

automatic uv oil coating machine manufacturers

GMP has been extremely & repeatedly investing and devoting his efforts & all the technological experiences to the event of Thermal Laminating Machine and Thermal Laminating Films.

GMP innovated new know-how for Extraordinarily High Bond Movie for Digital Print and large Format Media which will lead the remarkable automatic vertical laminating machine market change & open the brand new epoch making initiative for this market.

Below is an automated Laminating Line. The entire laminating traces we manufacture are engineered to meet the necessities of the client. Contact us with the requirements to your application, and we will provide you with a proposal and a drawing of what we are able to do in your operation. We specialise in design/construct solutions, and we again it up with ethernet connectivity, and top notch customer service and help from our residence workplace in Holland, MI.

The CNC control is the unit that ties collectively all the performance and features of the machine and plasma supply. There are mainly two lessons of controls used on most of those machines today. Most industrial applications use industrial Pc-based mostly management programs similar to these produced by Burny or Hypertherm. These units have consumer-pleasant contact display screen management panels and are housed in enclosures that may stand up to the harsh environments they function in. Smaller machines of the hobbyist or artisan varieties often utilize normal PCs with I/O playing cards to regulate the drives and plasma methods. Industrial based controls are highly advisable for any software, are designed for industry particular necessities, are less susceptible to the everyday Laptop issues, however may be cost prohibitive in smaller applications.


1.hydrulic non axle paper roll holder with air strain management brake

2.Four grops of rolls with stable air stress to promise papers sticked tightly

3.horizontal reducing system

4.PLC and servo control system

5.automated alarm system to remind broken part

6.self accounting system in PLC

7. self management system of gluing

8.2-in-1 gluing system with spreading and painting methods

9. belt convey delivery and computerized stacking

10. 2 layer – 6 layers

11. 3-4 knives for vertical cutting

12.computerized adjustment for measurement

13. air stress control to gluing and leaving

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