The weight is reduced, but the face is still big because there are many wattles. It’s heavy with liposuction at “Natchaya Clinic”. Now the face is slimmer and more confident than before.

Get to know facial fat.

Fat when talking about fat Many people think of obesity, cellulite, but in fact, fat has many benefits for the body. It is an important source of energy for the body. But if the accumulation of too much fat It can create problems as well, especially if fat accumulates in the face, young men and women probably do not like it. Because if fat accumulates on the face too much, it may cause the face to be unattractive. look fat or look older than your age Especially if the fat has accumulated under the chin area. Making it look like a double chin, this kind of fat on your face is something that everyone doesn’t want. Therefore, there is a technology that helps to get rid of fat from time to time. Whether it is fat dissolving injections, meso fat injections, botox injections to reduce jaw and liposuction But the most effective way to reduce wattle fat is inevitable liposuction. because of that Let’s go see.

What is wattle liposuction?

Liposuction is considered a form of surgery. It is the removal of excess fat. By opening a small incision of 1-3 mm and inserting the liposuction tube. It is considered to eliminate fat on the spot. and the most popular Due to the rapid and ดูดเหนียง permanent results, there is no need to repeat many times. Challenge for people who don’t have time to exercise or have tried to reduce by various methods and have not seen results Then the fat on the face that needs to be sucked out. What part is there?

liposuction wattle Where are you sucking?

cheek fat

cheek fat regarded as another area the most common and easy to accumulate fat time of weight gain The fat around the cheeks will be noticeable. Or some people have a lot of fat around the cheeks. Despite the weight is not much, the doctor will remove the fat around the cheek by opening a small wound. Then insert a tube of only 1-3mm in size under the cheekbones. Then suck the fat out of this area.

front frame area

is the fat that accumulates around the cheeks below It is the part that makes the face look round. front frame not sharp When the fat in this area is removed The patient will feel that face looks sharper

Tai Chin area

fat under the chin also known as fat wattle is the fat that accumulates under the chin until it is seen as a double chin until the face looks fat, the doctor will open a small incision Then insert a tube of only 1-3mm in size and gently suck the unwanted excess fat out. After the procedure, the patient will feel immediate results. very little bruising There may be a slight swelling.

Example of liposuction case at Natchaya Clinic

Hello everyone, my name is Gift. Gift will share my experience of going into surgery for liposuction. Let’s look at the wattle area at Natchaya Clinic. Originally, the gift was a big face. It’s been a long time. I used to control my diet, exercise and lose weight, but my face is still big as usual. So I always wanted to have a slender face with a clear face structure all along.

Picture of a gift before liposuction.

So I went to the clinic. Both injecting fat to break down fat Botox injections to reduce jaw both lose weight to hope that the wattle that existed would disappear Hopefully the page will be smaller. But the injection still doesn’t decrease at all. Very disappointed and waste of money Until one day, I accidentally saw a liposuction review. So I decided to look for information in order to liposuction. and then thought that the money that had been used to inject fat to dissolve fat Better take the fat out.

Reasons to choose Liposuction Natchaya Clinic

Before deciding to undergo liposuction at Natchaya Clinic, Gift did a lot of research. study liposuction data There are many clinic names listed here. Check all information How reliable is the doctor’s history and clinical data? Is it safe? View case reviews. That the clinic has done in the past. Look at both the advantages and disadvantages. Check and check again until you are confident and see that this place is very famous for liposuction. The clinic looks safe, clean, and the doctor is experienced. Specialist in liposuction Many people come to do it and see real results, look better, so they decide to contact Natchaya Clinic to consult liposuction. The doctor gave very good advice. So I decided to do it at Natchaya Clinic.

Picture of a gift before liposuction.

When I came in to do it, I felt that I made the wrong decision that I chose to do here. because of modern equipment, high quality and standard The doctor pays great attention to details, the hand is very light, it doesn’t hurt at all when doing it. give good advice Recommend in detail that I will suck it right now. The face will look like this. The elders at the clinic take very good care of me. After doing it, there is no bruise at all. There was only swelling which was a normal symptom. After doing it, I feel more confident. Dare to take more pictures Because I can’t see the wattle from any angle when I take a photo, Du V Chef’s face looks more dimensional. Going to work, my friends say that my face has changed to a different person, looks more beautiful and looks slimmer because I don’t have wattle anymore. I would like to thank the doctor and the team for taking good care and giving advice all the time. both before and to monitor the symptoms after

After liposuction until it’s gone, my face is very V.

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