The Married Lovers’ Hot Bed

More than 30 times that amount – £439,321 – was spent putting on lavish fundraising parties, where the Princess and other famous guests enjoyed champagne and were entertained by leading pop stars – while the rest was left languishing in accounts. Then the pilot needs to dodge rpgs while the passenger is trying to gun them down with a ak-47. Plus you can chase down cars and gun them down. Get a wanted level of 3 or more stars then drive down the freeways and drop grenades out the windows for the cops behind you. Sometimes if you drop the grenade too late, it blows you own car forward at like 150 mph with your rear on fire like a bat out of hell. Fire Department – jump in a firetruck and give those dirty homeless a good spraying. Down with the Burgers – head towards a burger place or cluckin bell grab a car and barricade the door jump over the car into the restaurant and cause havoc and see how long you can withstand the cops, as long as the car blocking the door stays in tack it could last forever but it usually gets blown up eventually.

A lot of times if you hit another car head on or just hard enough, the driver will die and keep driving. Hit that boat – find a ramp near the water and drive your bike off it and try and hit a boat that’s driving by. Drunken Bowling – go get drunk at he bar then hit the bowling centre its tricky stuff that 10 pwin boolin. It’s tricky to get the hang of but if you typically hold the grenade for 3 – 4 seconds and then drop it, you can decimate the cops that are following even closely behind you. Fly a Friend – Great fun on multiplayer is to jump in a helicopter with a friend then try and drop him off on unreachable buildings, or even drop him on the top of the statue of liberty. Pig Ride – Grab a helicopter and get a decent wanted level , land your helicopter and try and take off as the cops try and drag you out , now fly off with the cops clinging onto your chopper, and belt them around the skyscrapers. Look Ma no tires – blow up all the tires on your car jump in , get a wanted level and see how long you last.

Move Aside – I’m sure you probably have tried it but get a cop car or fire truck and put the sirens on and everyone will clear a path for you cumming on tits the road. Fast lane – grab a bike and find the longest road you can find then fly down it without crashing. Rollercoaster Fun – Head over to the fun park on Firefly island grab a nice smallish fast car and wizz around the roller coaster track. Airport Madness – Get a full wanted rating and then head to the airport with a bike and run circles around the cops its especially fun to place yourself in the middle of the back wheels of a moving airplane and watch the cops try to get to you cause nothing stops a giant boeing 747 , those cops get squished and thrown around all over the place. Carpark Frenzy – Get a high wanted level and then head to a crowded car park and wait for the explosion.

Then increase your wanted level to maximum, and enjoy the ride. Scream Wheel – grab a car that’s full of passengers and take them for the ride of there life , you wont even need the radio on cause they provide enough noise through screaming and oh my god’ss. Eventually people will get mad and grab some RPG’s! XX – Go find your local hooker and get her into your car, then use your mad driving skills to get the car to flip over and then do the dirty business upside down. Playboy mission. Cops will come through it and try to get to you by jumping over the ledge, they don’t realize there is a small gap between the buildings, and they all fall to their deaths. In Playboy X’s penthouse, if you go out to the balcony, then go past the jacuzzi, if you jump over the railing in just the right spot you can hop onto the roof over there. You can play games, develop your own land, build structures, set up a shop, and sell properties to other Residents. Which game like Woozworld will you play next?

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