The main formula that most of Sian Loi Yi Ki uses.

The main formula that most of Sian Loi Yi Ki uses. Yi Ki Lottery Formula is one of the important factors that make Yi Ki Lottery gamblers successful and earn a lot of money. This also reduces the risk of playing as well. where you can choose to invest and use a formula to help Makes you more confident in each play.

In this article we will look at that. What are the formulas that most of the lottery masters use to calculate? Teach each other by hand.

1. Yi Ki lottery formula, adding numbers (Find the bottom two)
is another popular formula for many masters because it is a formula that is easy to think through adding numbers with goals. to find the bottom two numbers

There is a simple way of thinking by looking at the results of the previous draws to see what the results of the top three prizes are. and what are the bottom two? Then add all the numbers together. This formula is often used to bet with 19 goals.

Assuming the top 3 numbers are represented by x, y, z and the bottom 2 numbers are represented by a, b, so this formula is x+y+z+a+b = ?

Example of the Yi Ki lottery formula with addition of numbers
If last draw, the top three is 364 and the bottom two are 39.

the way of thinking is Add all the numbers together to find the answer (3+6+4+3+9 = 5) so the answer in the unit place is 5 and count 2 more numbers to get the value 5, 6, 7

Then bring the number to bet on 19 goals in the next round.

The main purpose of this formula is to find three numbers This focuses on the results of calculations with unit digits. When you get that unit digit, count to 2 more positions, you will get a total of 3 numbers.

2. Yi Ki Lottery Formula, adding the numbers of the top three numbers (find the top three numbers)
This formula is similar to the Yi Ki formula, หวยออนไลน์ the 1st formula above, but is different in that the sum of only the top three numbers only. Regardless of the bottom two So we have to find the top three numbers. Then bring it to stab by swiping 19 goals as usual.

Example of the Yi Ki lottery formula, adding the top three numbers
for example The top three numbers in the previous draw were 550.

So we will take 5+5+0 equal to 10 because it’s a two digit number. Therefore, they must be added together to become a single digit number, which is 1+0 equals 1, where 1 is the default. and count to 2 more positions, 2 and 3.

So all 3 numbers are 1, 2, 3 and then used to bet 19 goals.

The principle is to find the sum by adding each digit of each position. ‘Top three numbers’ in the previous draw When the results came out There will be 2 observation points together.

If it is a single digit Can take that number as a starting number and count 2 more positions, so there will be 3 positions together.
If it is a two digit number must be made into a single digit Using the method of adding together and counting to 2 more positions to get a total of 3 positions, then will be taken to bet 19 goals on the top three in the next draw

3. Yi Ki lottery formula, squared (Find the bottom two) The
method for this formula is Takes the bottom two digits of the previous period, replacing each digit with x and y, and squares the sum of each.

Then make it a single digit number and count to 2 more positions, totaling 3 positions and used to bet with 19 goals

Example of a squared Yi Ki lottery formula
For example, the last draw, which is the 8th draw, the bottom two numbers 67 are calculated from the sum of 6 squared and 7 squared, as shown in the example above.

Calculation method

1. 36 + 49 = 85 (caused by the sum of 6 squared = 36 and 7 squared = 49)
2. Then 85 becomes a single digit number. Add these two numbers together to get 8 + 5 = 13. It can be seen that it is still a two-digit number. Therefore, they have to be added again to make a single digit number 1+3 = 4.
3. The result is 4, it is the starting number and the next 2 places count to get the number 4, 5, 6
4. . To bet with 19 goals method
5. Check the results from the next draw That is, in the 9th draw, the lottery was issued 57, it turned out to be in the number 5, see? is another good way that Sian used