Techniques for playing Yi Ki lottery for profit

Techniques for playing Yi Ki lottery to get profit , playing Yi Ki lottery or catching Yi Ki if there is a good formula or statistics to help us have a better chance of being right than betting. Because playing with a formula is considered as the top priority, หวยยี่กี it uses the same principles as the government lottery with the origin of the numbers. Government lottery guidelines have formulas to calculate, have statistics, but at the same time There is no fixed formula. There is also a right and wrong The second important thing is to use the rollover method. Playing Yi Ki, there must be a plan to rollover money before playing every time and there is a goal that should stop rolling. At the same time, if the goal is met, then it should be enough. playing the Yi Ki lottery like investing in stocks Buying with a plan, cutting losses, achieving profit goals is enough.

Yi Ki Lottery or Yi Ki Lottery, or some people call it Ping Pong Lottery, is a type of gambling. Originated from China The traditional Chinese playing method is to use playing equipment consisting of 12 Chinese cards (or you can use 12 cards to write numbers on paper) along with 1 solid box for dropping the cards. The dealer picks one card and drops it into the box. where he knows what the card is out and let the player bet what will be issued The dealer will tell you the answer before picking up the cards.

As mentioned above, it is a traditional way to play Yi Ki lottery or catch Yi Ki from China. Let’s see how to play Yi Ki lottery through the Yi Ki lottery website online. In each website, there will be different methods of catching the Yi Ki lottery.

Rules for playing catch Yi Ki

1. Open a total of 88 rounds per day, each round 15 minutes apart.

2. The first round starts at 6:00 a.m. (starts guessing results from 5.00 a.m.), the last round until 03.45 a.m.

3. Shoot unlimited number of free numbers

4. Able to shoot numbers, the 16th place will receive a free credit of 400 baht and the 1st place will receive a free credit of 200 baht (must have a minimum bet of 100 baht in that round)

5. If that round, the number of people who shoot the number is less than 20 times, it will be considered void. The system will return the stake and return the bet amount immediately.

Principles of issuing prizes

1. The issuance of prizes is based on the prize results that all members send 5 digits (number of numbers bet).

2. The website will bring the numbers in that round together and then subtract it with the 16th number of that round.

3. The total result is the prize result.

Yi Ki Lottery betting period, the

system will close the bet 2 minutes before the expiration time, for example, the round closes at 9:00 a.m., the customer must press to confirm the purchase of a piece or delete a piece before 08.58 a.m., but can still shoot numbers until 09.00 after round off The system will produce results within 2-3 minutes, including the screening. Giving credit to those who got the last and the 16th place

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