Sinusitis – Causes, Effects And Treatment

They laid down their weapons in prayer. Raising their hands facing Kigongona Kia Mai(the shrine where the Ark is concealed) the chief seer Mugo wa Kibiru, led them in reciting their solemn prayer. In 1948, when the Agikuyu, Aembu and Ameru communities realized that the British would never allow Africans self determination in Kenya, their military wing the Mau Mau ascended Mount Kenya with their crude weapons namely home-made guns, spears, machetes and other nondescript assortment.

If you dislike fish, nuts and seeds are a tasty alternative food to raise HDL cholesterol. Case studies of Inuit Eskimos living off fish rich in Omega 3 have significantly lower incidences of cardio-vascular diseases. Fish oil contains both docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), while some nuts (English walnuts). Choose foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, flax seeds, oily fish (tuna, salmon and mackerel).

– Drinking plenty of water can definitely help reduce dark circles. Plus, it also helps in flushing out the various toxins which are often the cause of dark circles. Experts say that drinking 8 glasses of water a day would help keep your skin moisturized and dewy.

If there is one thing that foodies, and even the general food lover, can agree on is that food in the great state of Texas is some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the United States. Moreover, really astute foodies will tell you that when your planning a foodie excursion, you need to includes more than a few Texas Hill Country destinations.

The Mau Mau crossed the trench with the British army following in hot pursuit. To fulfil the seer’s prophesy, on 1st June 1953, the Mau Mau fighters enticed the British soldiers to cross the marked trench, by encamping near the trench. Exactly ten years later, on 1st June 1963, the mugumo tree in Thika fell down despite all the reinforcements. The day remains a public holiday in Kenya todate. The Mau Mau celebrated in camp that night.

Simply mix and equal amount of almond oil and honey, put it on the area where the under eye circles are, leave it on for about 10 minutes and then simply wash it off. Do this regularly and you’ll start seeing significant changes. Almond oil has great exfoliating qualities which help in activating the cells that would tighten the skin surrounding our eyes. – Almond oil and honey are a great combination remedy for minimizing these under eye circles.

Dripping with Taste Wine & Food Festival in Dripping Springs – Better known as “The Wedding Capital of the World”, Dripping Springs has been hosting this shindig for the last decade. The festival is an effort by Sponsored by the Dripping Springs Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, which allows visitors to take in the beauty of Dripping Springs, as well as sample the largest assortment of Texas wines, craft beers, gourmet foods and spirits available under one roof.

Lost Maples Cafe in Utopia – This place is considered an absolute must for those traveling through the Texas Hill Country. It’s housed in a building over a century old, the servings are hearty, the clientele is diverse, there are no frills, and if you just need something a little sweet, grab a black coffee & a slice of some of the best pie you’ve ever had.

That prophesy somehow reached the colonial Government. The Chief Seer said the British rule will come to an end in the year the Mugumo (fig) tree in Thika falls down. The Mugumo tree in Thika was reinforced with rails and sheets. The Mau Mau spokesman sort clarification which year that will be.

In an interesting revelation, blogger the seer’s messenger who hold in trust the shrines on Mt Kenya, has made public how the British rule came tumbling down not just in Kenya but all over the world. In a paid up article in the PEOPLE DAILY, dated Nov 7, the messenger revealed among other things what sparked off the interesting story.

You simply have to place a thin slice of potato on top of each eyelid for about 10 minutes. Your eyes would be de-puffed and feeling refreshed right afterwards. – Potato slices are also known to be very effective when it comes to treating dark circles.

Interestingly, as the communities set to return to the mountain to seek God’s intervention again, the British Government could feature in bad books once more. The seer’s have made public three major reasons for seeking God’s hand.

Do this regularly or alternate it with the other tips mentioned above and you’ll soon sea significant difference. – Turmeric powder and pineapple juice are also great home remedies for dark circles under eyes because they care effective against free radical damage which is what often happens to the cells surrounding our eyes. Simply apply turmeric powder paste mixed with some pineapple juice onto the area, blogging leave it on for 10 minutes and the rinse off.

– Another great home remedy for these dark circles would be rose water. It has rejuvenating properties which is effective when it comes to relieving puffiness in the eyes as well as minimizing obvious dark circles. Apply this to your closed eyes for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. You simply have to soak cotton balls in about 6 or more drops of rose water.

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