Shane Dawson: Who Is The YouTuber And Why Are His Comments Causing Controversy?

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Johnny: I don’t know. Cam: I know how to make a fire out of wood. Cam: Is neither an option? Cam: Probably to fly, and I would say Forny. Johnny: I don’t know, I’d probably say (senior goaltender Hayden) Lavigne. Johnny: That is true, you could eat. Johnny: I call it a sub. Molly: But isn’t a sub a sandwich? Molly: But what if the government’s covering it up? Molly: You don’t think that’s real? That’s physics. There are billions of galaxies. And that’s one piece of bread. You’d be one of the first to go, man. No one objects. When I complete my first “back hook spin,” I am exhilarated and satisfied. I found myself screaming at my laptop at the fact that not a single one of those warfighters pulled the trigger, but after a few weeks of review I don’t think that they were physically able to. Every one of the components can be empowered or debilitated for every client bunch in your site.

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