Say goodbye to puffy cheeks Make a big face and look fat Liposuction of the lower cheekbones with the Bodytite machine at “Natchaya Clinic” Thailand

What is wattle liposuction?

If talking about reducing the wattle or removal of excess fat Many people think of Botox and Meso Fat injections, which are popular methods that are very popular nowadays. because the price is tangible no need to recuperate less bruising But there is a disadvantage need to be re-injected frequently And the treatment life is only 6-8 months. And in some patients, it may not be effective. which is different from liposuction that see results immediately after doing Wattle Liposuction This is to suck the fat that has accumulated under the skin, under the chin area, by the doctor working to open a small incision. and insert a small tube and then suck the fat out

which is a treatment that has a permanent effect If the patient is able to maintain a weight that is not too high No need to spend money on repeated suction often. It is a way to solve the problem of wattle only once done. Next we will take a case example. that uses liposuction to get rid of excess fat at Natchaya Clinic

Review of wattle liposuction at Natchaya Clinic

The part that people around you see may say that you are fat. Maybe it’s not just the shape alone. But it’s also a face if you have a big, bloated face because the excess fat that accumulates around the cheeks, face frame and wattle will make you look bigger and fatter. and also contributes to the sagging face This is another factor that can make you look older. The liposuction surgery will allow you to say goodbye to puffy cheeks and large faces.

such as the case of younger UEFA She was a girl with quite a lot of cheeks. At first, having cheeks didn’t seem like a problem. Looks like baby fat that makes your face look cute But when the time passed for a long time Baby Fat that looks cute at first It’s getting bigger and bigger causing the lower cheek of the UEFA to hang down The front frame gradually disappeared. Replace it with chunky fat. Makes you look at any angle, UEFA’s face is rounded, looks big, lacks dimension, has a bigger face. causing the younger UEFA to lose confidence dare not take pictures therefore recruiting all methods to reduce fat Both botox injections through the jaw Both meso fat injections to break down fat

which saw results only during the first few injections After a few months His face had returned to the same roundness as before. Have to pay for many rounds to inject more often. Then have to wait to see if the injection will go down or not. because sometimes Injected with no results. It was like the body was starting to become resistant to drugs. until having to find another way to reduce the wattle Until I came across a method to reduce the wattle by liposuction.

A picture of Nong Uefa before liposuction surgery at Natchaya Clinic.

The reason for choosing Niang Liposuction at Natchaya Clinic

After deciding to liposuction Uefa looked for information to find a clinic that was reliable and safe. Until I came across a review of Natchaya Clinic and decided to consult with a doctor at Natchaya Clinic because she was confident in the doctor. From searching for information to perform liposuction in specific areas which Nong Uefa heard about the reputation of Natchaya Clinic that the doctor graduated from a specialized surgeon. and has a lot of experience in liposuction Moreover, the liposuction machine here uses the Bodytite machine that is a standard machine. and the best in liposuction right now

Highlights of Wattle Liposuction at Natchaya Clinic

1. Made by a medical professional at the end of a specific way Certified by the Medical Council of Thailand

2.Be the leader in liposuction Experienced medical team in liposuction

3. Wattle liposuction at Natchaya Clinic uses an anesthetic injection before suction. The patient is awake during the liposuction.

4. After snorting fat will have a few wounds or almost no scars at all

5.Less swelling and bruising, speedy recovery

6. Safe, hospitals open properly, ดูดเหนียง clean, modern equipment. effective meet international standards

7. Professional team able to give advice to patients and follow up after treatment

Feeling after liposuction

After liposuction, I was very impressed. His face instantly became smaller. Swelling and bruising were minimal. The doctor is very light. I can tell you that I didn’t feel any pain at all. The face looks more dimensional, the lower cheeks, from where there used to be puffy cheeks, large faces and wattle, all the excess fat has disappeared. Makes the face look slimmer, face frame, clear face, longer chin, face look younger. Take photos at any angle You don’t have to look for camera angles. Or just relying on the app to squeeze the face, the puffy cheeks hanging on the wattle disappeared immediately. The response from the people around me was very good. There are people who say that they look more beautiful. The face has changed and looks younger. I can tell you that it was a wrong decision to choose to do with Natchaya Clinic. The team members took great care. The clinic was clean, large, and the equipment was modern and efficient.

After liposuction surgery until it is in place

Comparison picture before and after liposuction surgery at Natchaya Clinic

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