Role Plays For: Chapter # 10: Friday Night Clash 6

Jay screamed as a tall shadow flickered across the wall and then the video cut to later that evening. As the woman uses a towel to pat herself down, the power is cut and the room goes dark. I hear the woman mutter something and then breaking glass and then screaming and then the session is ended. It was then I saw that my phone, which I set to silent when Jay arrived, had a list of “missed alert” notices now illuminating its screen. Then I quit for the day. I called his office, because that’s where he always works on stuff, and the guy who answered said he hadn’t been in all day. I’m taking the day off. I was hoping to talk to my boyfriend so I wouldn’t be so freaked out this time but I’m almost at my door now so I won’t hold it against you. I imagined showing up on Enid’s doorstep and handing her the computer and telling her that it was okay now.

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It’s not a short story, and it’s not an exciting one. It’s a bad habit that I clearly have no idea how to break, which is why my current situation should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention. Though the primary way of communication in chat room still remains text based, voice calls, webcams, smiley, graphics and online games have prevented it from becoming outdated and boring. These chat sites are used by tens of thousands of users at any point of time. Time and started to be, your spine. I hung up and started to dial 9-1-1 when something dawned on me and my arm went limp, the phone dropping from my hand and thudding to the carpet. They both hit their target, one stomach and one shoulder, and the man went sprawling onto his back. A fair and with one! By pressing the “start” button the user can start the chat and the “next button” enables the user to switch over from one cam to another.

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