Reveals immune-boosting foods For the elderly and increase protection against COVID-19

Health, diet, behavior change Eating is what is known as It should not be overlooked at all because this is Another part that is quite interesting. Another section combines alternative points with options where adjustments need to be made. and including the overall composition In the section that is quite excellent and the probability is not small.

The Department of Health has come out to recommend food. For the elderly who have eaten It will help strengthen the immune system in the body from Covid-19 as well and it is still another time. with an ongoing epidemic and the elderly are therefore the most at risk of infection. due to reduced immunity and According to age, if infected, there is a chance of death than the general population. Especially that it is more than that. is a person who has a congenital disease, whether blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease, cancer Therefore, you must take care of your health to be healthy on a regular basis. and eating food in proportions suitable for eating vegetables And fruit is another thing that is necessary. and exercise enough rest It’s something that’s quite interesting.

Recommended immune supplement for the elderly

1. Food that is soft

For food that is soft. able to answer For the elderly, whether it is the way to bring vegetables, meat or including dried beans, cut into pieces That is small and must be stewed to decompose. as well for comfortable chewing and eating in greater quantities

2. Divide the meal into several meals.

Dividing additional meals into handwriting It can help whether it is a snack. during the day and will help the elderly get food sufficient and enough to meet the needs of management itself

3. The taste of food that does not have to be very spicy

Organizing a diet that is very unrestricted or may include the use of spices, herbs Add aromas and flavors that will stimulate your appetite. as well

4. Emphasis on cooked food.

food that is fresh and cooked regularly? Always warm the food first. Therefore, it is one of the things that can make food look as appetizing as possible. Taste better with great food, better than cold name food.

5. Fresh milk

Eating 1-2 glasses of fresh milk a day if the elderly drink milk. It may not be handled with the use of yogurt. that is natural flavor or tofu or soy milk that helps to increase calcium and including adding food to other sources of calcium, whether Both small fish or dark green leafy vegetables, for example.

for bedridden patients

In the case of bedridden patients Especially patients with neurological disorders, paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease or including Parkinson’s. May have difficulty swallowing food to make it easy to bureau and cough while eating May cause food to go into the windpipe And there is a chance of infection in pneumonia. Therefore, it should be handled together to support the sitting and lying position to keep the head high. The caregiver should adjust the angle of the bed to 40 to 90 degrees before eating is good.

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