Recommend foods that are “full” and help you lose weight as well.

Full is a feeling of filling in the stomach. I never felt the need to eat food for a while. which found that each type of food will bring about a feeling of fullness that is not the same even if they provide the same energy Studies have been conducted on this topic since 1995.

The researchers used 38 types of food in the amount of energy equal to 240 kilocalories. Have a group of samples eat. Then compare the feeling of fullness that arises from each type of food.

Foods that cause a feeling of fullness are classified as having a high Satiety index, making them a good choice for people who are difficult to feel full and want to lose weight. It was found that the food that fell into this group It often has a common feature of being high in protein.

It is high in fiber, for example..

Beans, especially beans in the legumes group such as lentils, black beans, chickpeas, and eggs, ลดความอ้วน are good, inexpensive sources of protein. that helps to fulfill fullness however, for health Should avoid the way to fry or fry with a lot of oil.

Fish Compared to other meats, fish had a higher satiety index score. And it also has good fats from omega-3. Oatmeal is a high-fiber complex starch.

Suitable to eat as breakfast with milk and nuts. Greek Yogurt Because it has higher protein than regular yogurt, it has a higher satiety index. Vegetables have found that loading a salad before eating the main dish in each meal can help increase the satiety index in that meal.

If these foods are not full..

For those who have difficulty eating Try to add good protein and fiber to each meal. Add food with high satiety index as above.

Together with other processes such as grinding slowly, eating consciously, should avoid eating and playing with mobile phones. and it is important Ask yourself every now and then. It’s really a feeling of hunger from the airiness in the stomach. Or is it just a desire to eat to fill the clearness of the mind?

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