Professional use of Social Listening Tools

Social Listening Tools A tool to analyze social media marketing. whether it is consumer behavior The movement of competitors Businesses can take advantage of this tool for a variety of needs. Of course, for those who have never used this tool for analysis before. May not be effective enough. Today Mandala Analysis will introduce how to use Social Listening Tools like a professional.

But before we go into the essence Let’s take a look at what Social Listening Tools are and how they can benefit your business. social listening tools

What are Social Listening Tools?

Social Listening Tools are tools used to eavesdrop on audio. By sound that this is important information that is on the social media world such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Blog, Web forum, etc., every movement of consumers such as comments, comments, hashtags. Searches, posts, etc., businesses will be able to know immediately through Set Keyword and Monitor with the work of intelligent AI technology. It was developed to facilitate work. fast and accurate serves to collect information ready to process the analysis to let businesses know how consumers feel about the brand And can use that information for a variety of uses. In addition to knowing the movement of consumers, you can also know the movement of competitors as well.

social listening tools

Basically, Social Listening Tools have the following capabilities:

Listening and Monitoring

track movement When someone mentions (Mention) your brand for Awareness measurement purposes.

Insight Research

Find consumer insights See the movement of competitors including looking at the market conditions at that time

Improves Sales and Engage with Customer

Help improve sales or service and helps to understand the true needs of customers on social media This makes it possible to close the sale quickly.

Content Strategy

Help create effective content by finding a topic in the trend or a topic that resonates with the target customers.

Business Development

Help develop products and services Allow new businesses to compete with existing businesses that dominate the market share.

Influencers and Trends Spotting Channels Marketing

Help find influencers. Manage movement and feedback as well as looking at the trends of various trends at that time

social listening toolsUsing Social Listening Tools Professional.

The first step must be to set a Campaign Period. After that, choose the social media platform that you want to monitor or the channel you want to see movement. You can search the desired channel.

In terms of setting keywords, it can be used to convey products, brand names, or related broad words.

After the campaign has been added, the program will collect data, analyze it and display the results. At this stage, it will work with a precision AI system. and work fast How much time will it take? depending on the amount of data and program capabilities

If it is a program of Mandala Analysis, it can retrieve overall data by which users can separate each channel. It also makes it possible to compare which channels. If the channel has the most Mention, you can use that channel to market. for maximum efficiency Another highlight of Mandala Analysis is that you can not only see which channels have the most Mentions, but also can penetrate into each channel to see Posts that have Mentions matching the words that Set keywords are at this point. Participate, answer questions, answer questions or share opinions to create participation. like caring impress customers Don’t just look at the Mention in the post. But can also penetrate into the Member or User, similar to viewing friends on Facebook, but it works easier, more convenient and faster.

In the Trend over time feature, it is a graph that shows when a brand or term was mentioned that a keyword was set was mentioned. brand It could be the name of a celebrity, singer, or other words that are trending. Businesses can target the same audience. By adding hashtags to content, Social Listening Tools can also find popular hashtags. that are related to that keyword as well

In the Sentiment Mandala Analytics side, you can post a trend graph or Trend Line to see if each time the sentiment is positive or negative. What are the different proportions?

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