Oklahoma brings religious bias suit over Catholic hospitals' COVID…

It was the latest case of desperate people – mostly Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians – sailing toward European Union member Cyprus, and sometimes Turkey, seeking to escape Lebanon’s worsening economic meltdown. Some 75% of the country’s population of 6 million, including more than a million Syrian refugees, now lives in poverty.

“The released plastics can be transported over long distances in the ocean, encounter marine wildlife, and potentially lead to injury or even death,” a team of climate experts, hailing from China’s Nanjing University and from the University of California, San Diego, wrote in the paper.

Although personal protective equipment, like N95 masks and face shields, contributed to the single-use plastics now scattered around the seas, the team says that the bulk of the material — 73% — consists of disposable medical tools. They also conclude that 72% of the plastic waste comes from Asia.

I join with all Australians in unequivocally condemning these actions. This is not just an attack on an innocent person but an attack on our very democracy. My thoughts – and those of all Australians – are with you Andy and your family,’ he wrote on Twitter. 

The move would let the health minister make ‘any order’ he deems reasonably necessary’ which could include lockdowns, vaccine mandates, enforced mask-wearing and much more, with fines of up to $454,350 for rule-breakers.

O´Connor said in a statement that by flatly denying exemptions “Ascension committed religious discrimination against Oklahoma healthcare heroes who oppose abortion.” (Reporting by Tom Hals in Wilmington, Delaware; editing by Jonathan Oatis)

Researchers have used models to determine that, as of late August, 193 countries collectively produced more than 8 million tons of pandemic-related plastic waste, ranging from masks and hospital equipment to packaging from online shopping generated by increased interest in no-contact purchases. 

Nov 12 (Reuters) – Oklahoma sued Ascension Healthcare on Friday because the Roman Catholic hospital operator’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees allegedly violated the state’s laws against religious discrimination, in what appeared to be the first case of its kind.

The laws, which have passed Victoria’s lower house but are held up in the upper house, would give the premier the power to declare a pandemic for an unlimited period of time even if there are no cases of a virus.


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The MP said he has been ‘desperately worried’ about ‘comments, threats and intimidation’ that have been made against his family, staff and colleagues since he announced his support for the government’s pandemic bill.

The effects of trash in the ocean could be even more widespread. The authors of the new paper say that over a three-year period, the pandemic-generated waste will likely start washing ashore, accumulating on beaches and piling up in coastal sediments, ultimately threatening land-based species, too. If the waste degrades into microplastics, it could also enter the food chain and eventually reach humans.

On Saturday evening, relatives of the migrants protested, closing off three major roads, including the street leading to the port in the northern city of Tripoli demanding their release, the news agency reported.

Tens of thousands have lost their jobs in the meltdown, which has seen the local currency lose more than 90% of its value. The World Bank says Lebanon´s economic crisis is among the worst the world has witnessed in over a century.

BEIRUT (AP) – Lebanon’s navy rescued a boat carrying migrants that had left the country, heading west across the Mediterranean Sea, but broke down off the coast, the prime minister´s office said Saturday.

According to the lawsuit, Mitchell Duininck, a physician in Tulsa, sought a religious exemption because taking a vaccine that was developed with ties to aborted fetal cells would violate his sincerely held religious beliefs.

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Trash from human activities has already created what’s known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an amalgam of everything from plastic bottles to fishing gear spread over an estimated 1.6 million square kilometers.


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