nosebleed warning signs of disease

nosebleed warning signs of disease nosebleed Bleeding from one or both nostrils due to ruptured blood vessels within the nasal cavity Most nosebleeds are not a dangerous sign of a serious illness. Because the blood vessels in the nasal cavity are quite fragile and break easily. But in some cases, nosebleeds may be caused by abnormalities in the nasal cavity. or severe illnesses as well

Nosebleeds (Epistaxis) is a bleeding through the nose is divided into two parts: anterior nosebleeds. and nosebleeds behind the nasal cavity Most often, there is a more dangerous cause than anterior nasal bleed.

So when nosebleeds It could be a warning sign of a disease such as


Cause: Cancer or สุขภาพดี benign tumor with a blood vessel. Occurs in the nose, sinuses, or behind the nasal cavity

Symptoms: Occasional bleeding or a large amount of nose bleeds should be endoscopic examination of the nasal cavity or x-ray for diagnosis

irritation Or injury in the nose

Cause: Picking the nose often, getting a blow to the nose. blow a strong snot The air is dry, the air pressure changes rapidly, such as boarding a plane.

Symptom: Bleeding rarely. and for a short time There may be bruising and bleeding near the healing point.

Inflammation in the nasal cavity

Cause: From a viral infection, allergy, sinusitis, using compressed air while sleeping.

Symptoms: Bleeding with mucus

Anatomical abnormalities

Cause: deviated septal septum. or have a bone grow in the wrong place Including a hole through it, causing an imbalance of air.

Symptom: Bleeding often in the same nostril. and recurring at the point where the septum septum is crooked or where the bone grows

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