Linux “The Best” Slot Online Indonesia Machine

My main job is as a consultant. That means I can see all sorts of interesting things. One of them is this piece of hardware here: This is a slot machine operated by Veikkaus, the state-owned company that runs all gaming services in Finland. There are currently around 20,000 slot machines in use in Finland. That’s interesting in itself, but things get really funny once you look inside. coin trading machines. When a coin is inserted into the machine, it first goes into the coin mechanism, which is marked with a green box in the picture. Recognize the type of currency.Each denomination has its own exit slot. Bad coins are sorted out of the machine while sorted coins go into the coin chutes (marked in red).

A coin chute is basically a bowl of coins and a mechanism that can eject coins one at a time. When you think of slot machines, you probably think of the sound they make when they start spitting out tons of coins after a jackpot. The coin hoppers produce this special sound. If you’re interested in mechanical engineering, I recommend looking for videos on Youtube because it’s fascinating how it works.

The slot machine also accepts banknotes and debit card payments, but these are mechanically much simpler and don’t take up much space. The only thing left in the picture is the box highlighted in yellow. It contains the actual brain of the entire machine. brain contentThe main system, like everything nowadays, is a normal computer. Dengan memainkan beragam game slot online Indonesia anda akan merasakan sensasi berbeda di agen resmi terpercaya kami. Daftar segera! This particular one is a pretty average industrial PC running a custom version of Debian. Booting launches the game software, which is based on a custom version of Debian. Ogre 3D graphics engine. The computer also manages and controls all other hardware in the closet, such as B. the above coin hoppers and bill validator, using a custom, self-designed control board. The cabinet that houses the device is also custom designed and built. So, surprisingly, at its core, a slot machine is more or less the same as a desktop PC running desktop games with a few extra peripherals. This means that Linux desktop games have been mainstream among the general Finnish population for 15 years, that’s how long these slots have been implemented. Aside from the games themselves, the development environment is also 100% Linux. To illustrate, here is a screenshot of a development version of the software. They run on a developer workstation.

what about the money??

Like all forms of gambling, slots generate quite a bit of money. The annual profit was recently in the order of 500 million euros per year. Since Veikkaus is a state-owned company, this money is donated to various charities as well as to the state. With Finland’s annual budget in the region of €50 billion, this means that Linux desktop gaming revenue accounts for almost 1% of Finland’s total national budget.


Many thanks to Veikkaus for allowing me to write this blog post. A very special thank you for allowing me to show the inside of a slot machine that has never been shown publicly before.

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