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When you are looking for ladies designer clothes online, there are a number of issues to consider as you are shopping. How can you get the best purchases for your money while enjoying a hassle free experience? How can you buy designer clothes that suit you most? This article looks at the issues you need to consider when buying ladies designer clothes online. It’s vitally important that you accurately know your size in the items that you are thinking about buying. Most of us girls know our sizes pretty accurately, but occasionally get caught out by some brands fits being a little different to others. But if you don’t accurately know your size beforehand, then find out before shopping online. Now badly fitting bras are a pet irritation of mine. The number of women you see who have no idea what a joy properly fitting bra is amazes me! What colors of clothes suit you? Are you fair skinned or darker? Make sure that you are buying clothes that compliment your skin tone, hair color and eyes. Are you most suited to warm or cool colors? We are all (often painfully) aware of our body shape. Make sure that you shop to suit it. Accentuate your good features and take attention away from  the ones you want to hide. For example if you are pear shaped and are looking for a new winter coat, pick ones that are fitted on the top and looser or flared out on the bottom. Look at our clothes for body shape guides It goes without saying that different online stores will run different promotions at different times. You may be able to get a $10 off coupon at one store that makes it worth shopping there this month. Which online store gives you the best value varies from week to week and from item to item, so please shop around. Shipping is usually free at the top online outlets if you spend enough, but you often have to pay the postage on returned items. You will also have a window in which you can return or exchange the item. Sometimes what you’ve bought has to go back because it just doesn’t look as good on as it did in the pictures. Or it doesn’t fit you as well as it should. Make sure that you know what the return policy is before you buy and whether or not you need a return authorization number when you return as it varies wildly from website to website.



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