Khao Kradong Forest Park Buriram Province

Kradong Volcano Forest Park or Phu Kradong is located at Ban Khao Kradong, Samed Subdistrict, Mueang Buriram District. Buriram Province It is an extinct volcano. There is a chimney through clearly visible. (Elevated about 265 meters above sea level) around the area surrounded by fertile forests. It is a habitat for small wildlife. especially many birds On Khao Kradong, there are also ancient Khmer sites. Buddha’s Footprint and a large Buddha image named Phra Suphatthaborphit It is worshiped by the local people. Popular tourists go up to see the scenery of Buriram city. and pay homage to the Buddha image for good fortune, formerly known as Phanom Kradong, in Khmer language, meaning Tortoiseshell Mountain (Turtle) is a mountain that looks like a turtle shell. later called Pian as Kradong

Khao Kradong Forest Park is located in Mueang District, Buriram Province. It is the crater of a completely extinct volcano around. The area is covered with fertile forests. An interesting thing in Khao Kradong Forest Park is the crater of the completely extinct Khao Kradong volcano, which is about 300,000 to 900,000 years old. At present, it is a pool of volcanic remains that are still in good condition and the youngest in Thailand. There is a walking path around the crater. and a suspension bridge to stand and watch from a high angle clearly enshrined Phra Supat Bophit Buddha statue in Buriram which is a large brick and plaster Buddha image facing north Inside the head contains relics From the location of the Buddha image, one can see the scenery of Buriram city. There are two ways to go up to Khao Kradong: walk up 297 steps or drive up to the top of the mountain.

Most of the vegetation is sparse. and consists of deciduous dipterocarp forests due to shallow soil and has a lot of mixed stones soil lack of fertility It is a small to medium tree. Deciduous forest in Khao Kradong The canopies are far apart, allowing a lot of sunlight to reach the ground. Plant species found are trellis, nests, olive sedges, staghorn, wild cassia, staghorn, wild opera, jute and jab. Different types of grasses such as Peck grass, sharp grass, thin grass, in the secondary level, will find many types of shrubs such as gooseberry, white Tiu, Tiu Daeng, and there are also plants that are planted such as Chamchuri, Lan Thom, Pine Pradiphat, Pho, mango, tamarind and eucalyptus. tuss

The most common animals are birds, which are birds such as swallows, yellow-bellied birds. Salika birds, etc., which can be found easily in general. in the area Khao Kradong Forest Park Most migratory birds during the winter. Besides birds, the animals that can be found in the area are small animals. Mammals such as multicolored squirrels, white-bellied flying squirrels, common chipmunk, common chipmunk, common spotted weasel and common mongoose


• Private car From the city, take National Highway No. 219 towards Prakhon Chai District. Through the Buriram 2 Territorial Volunteer Regiment and Pattarabophit Intersection Go straight to Ban Nam Sub. will see the mountain on the left which is the location of the park can drive up to the top of the mountain Or you can walk from the foot of the hill up the stairs.

• Bus Take the bus line 1 (pink)


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