Kawasaki disease, long-term heart disease, a silent threat that should not be overlooked in health problems

For anyone who has heard about Kawasaki disease Probably thinking of a small child with enlarged lymph nodes, red eyes, and a rash on his hands. That’s the nature of the disease that is most common in children. Many are under the age of 5, and in 25% are in children under 1 year of age.

The cause of the disease starts with being infected or perhaps getting some substance. and then to stimulate the body’s immune system to perform different actions from normal at some point which from time to time may stimulate the coronary artery terminals to aneurysm even leading to a heart attack in the day when the patient grows up to be an adult

That was the case with Mr. White. And he also portrayed that in his 20s, he never felt he was close to death. He had his first heart attack at 23, the second at 28, and he continues to take 20. Over a year to find the root cause of the actual heart disease in him how it was

Silence of the patient

A coronary artery aneurysm caused by Kawasaki disease. can cause the heart muscle to deteriorate as well as may cause Atrial fibrillation (AF) can be followed, or the atrial fibrillation is rarely beating. Instead of the same rhythmic interplay between the upper and lower rooms as usual.

But causing the blood in the heart to flow back and forth between the upper chambers – the lower chambers instead. And it may result in the formation of blood clots in the heart. which the danger is This blood clot had a chance to escape from the upper chamber to the lower chamber. slipped along the aorta Or perhaps it fell off the cerebral veins. cause paralysis paralysis at the end

Now, AF and the cardiac features that arise from Kawasaki disease There are methods of treatment using defibrillation. to reduce the heart rate that is different from normal same with Mr. White using the same approach insert a catheter into the aorta Find the point where the short circuit in the heart is found. and ignites until from having symptoms once – twice a week But after care and treatment 5 months ago The symptoms that used to be have disappeared. including returning to a happy life

should not be overlooked

for taking myself away from this sickness You can do this by diligently considering, knowing yourself, knowing how to control your food. control the rest time control the body stress control Clarify feelings of anxiety or take yourself to a physical examination with the hospital at least to know how healthy we are at heart

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