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Survey, by Aviva, finds 60 per cent of parents would let their children lie about their age to get around age restrictions on social media sites. The minimum age for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites is 13 – but children can bypass this by lying when they sign up. However, when the children were asked themselves, in most cases fewer than a third were concerned by the various risks. When asked about a number of threats posed to their children, either by the internet or through video games, the vast majority of parents had some misgivings. The Hyderabad live steaming video was only tracked down after it went viral and came to the notice of the victim. She told the Mirror: ‘As soon as he went missing I had a look on the profile and thought, “That’s him”‘. Albin went on to call the internet “a ubiquitous presence in contemporary life” and said a ban would make it a difficult for a person to function in modern society. While noting he didn’t condone the man’s violations, New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin wrote Tuesday the parole board could have considered other options. While the New Jersey Supreme Court didn’t address the constitutionality of the internet ban, it characterized it as “overbroad” and ruled the plaintiff deserved a full parole board hearing.

In the New Jersey case, the plaintiff, identified only as “J.I.”, was convicted in 2003 of sexual assault and child endangerment in the molestation of his two daughters. The two claimed to be from Bangalore, but Mail Today could not verify this. Several of these couples have been featured on world’s top porn websites, with a subscriber base touching a million, an analysis of some adult sites by Mail Today’s team found. Shanker claims newcomers get around Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.25 lakh (£1,240-£1,550) a month but ‘pro-Indian’ users can earn a whooping Rs 15 lakh (£18,575) a month, which has made it it a permanent business for many couples. However, what the model does not list is that this snapchat friendship is only for “one month”. In one day, a couple can make anywhere between Rs 35,000-60,000 (£433-£743). You can also make movies for your website without worrying on the quality because the webcam will immediately process superb image and video result.

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