Introduce techniques to increase followers on Twitter and make it more popular with Social Listening Tools

When it comes to online marketing, a platform that is as interesting as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram is Twitter. This platform allows young people to express their ideas to the fullest. without parents or teachers to monitor Including use to follow or press Follow interested people such as celebrities, Radha, football teams, businesses or organizations, etc., as well as the Hashtag to follow the trend. or create a new trend

From a business perspective, having a high number of followers on Twitter is a tool that guarantees a business’s chances of success and reaching more consumers. Time to spread news, sell products or offer various promotions, discounts. There is a chance that sales will be booming in a short time. But the big problem with Twitter marketing is how to increase your followers. And today we’re going to talk about Social Listening Tools that will make it easier for businesses to market.

social listening tools

What are Social Listening Tools ?

Social Listening Tools A tool used to eavesdrop on social media Voices here can be discussions, comments, hashtags. Or commenting through Set keywords and Monitoring to see the movement of both consumers and competitors. So that businesses can use that information to plan their strategy accordingly. or respond in a timely manner. Social Listening Tools are tools designed to simplify the workflow. From analyzing Big data using AI (Artificial Intelligence), artificial intelligence technology to work on behalf of humans. This will have the ability to analyze faster, more accurate and accurate.

The voice of consumers analyzed through Social Listening Tools is a very important and important insight, known as Data Insight. for example

Create content to look interesting or in line with consumer demand.

Follow the movement of content to see feedback.

Generate ideas for new marketing campaigns.

keep up with competitors to plan countermeasures

Arrange discounts or promotions that look attractive.

to develop or improve Customer Journey

social listening tools

How Social Listening Tools Help Build Followers on Twitter

1. Used to watch the movement of consumers.

As previously mentioned, Social Listening Tools work through Keyword Set and Monitoring to see how consumers move and how they feel about your brand, such as Set Keyword, Product Name or Use Related Keywords. with the product. The AI ​​will then collect all the information related to your brand. Only then will you know how consumers feel. They have a positive or negative attitude towards your brand. To use those information to improve and develop products and services that can meet the needs of customers as much as possible. When the product is of quality, consumers will pay attention. This may be followed by a higher number of followers.

2. Used to watch the movement of competitors

If you find that your competitor’s follower count is more That means competitors may have better marketing strategies. If you want to know the movement of competitors, just Set Keyword, competitor’s product name or words related to competitor’s brand down. Only then will the AI ​​collect data and estimate the results of how consumers now feel about competing brands. Or what are the competitors planning to do? This information can be used to plan strategies to counter. Or bring it to improve the product better than its competitors. Like the saying “Know him, know, know, fight a hundred times, win a hundred times”.

3. Create the right content

Content is another important strategy for online marketing. Good content will help attract the attention of consumers. The information obtained from Social Listening Tools will help create good and quality content. It can increase the number of followers for your business. However, for creating content on the Twitter platform, be sure to take advantage of hashtags. To make it easy for consumers to find and create opportunities to reach or drive good brand awareness. to help generate more sales

4.Increase Follower with participation

In addition to using Social Listening Tools to monitor consumer movements It can also generate engagement, for example, when a certain group of consumers talks about your brand. They may talk to each other through comments. or related posts, the AI ​​will find those conversations and notify you. You can participate in conversations or answer consumer inquiries. impress consumers or have a good attitude towards the brand May result in more followers. In addition to using Social Listening Tools to create engagement, you can also use it to follow content to see feedback as well.

5. Find the right moment to tweet.

Based on in-depth analysis through Social Listening Tools, businesses know when is the right time to post. Or at what time did the target audience have the most access to Twitter? If marketing during this period Whether it’s creating a campaign, organizing a promotion, creating content or advertising. May need to make the right timing In order to make the most effective marketing and result in an increase in the number of Followers.

social listening tools

in fact Businesses can take advantage of a wide range of Social Listening Tools with no fixed rules. It depends on different ideas or strategies for working. for this tool provider For example, Mandala Analytics that can not only analyze data on Twitter, but can also be used to analyze various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, including Web Forums like Pantip with a stable program system and AI that works precisely It is designed to reduce the cost of online marketing. and help businesses to plan the right strategy

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