Insight into Social Listening Tools, the use that every marketer must learn

In this era, it is undeniable that online marketing coming on very strong At the same time there was fierce competition. especially marketing in the social media world In each business, they have come together to come up with a great strategy. to win over competitors and win the hearts of consumers Quickly respond to the needs of target customers But the online marketing not easy Requires analysis of consumer data to know the movement including the movement of competitors which if you sit and analyze by using human labor may take a long time It also has a high cost. Therefore, it is not possible to plan a strategy to respond in a timely manner, so the need for tools or intelligent programs to help, such as Social Listening Tools

social listening toolsSocial Listening Tool What is this tool?

Social Listening Tools are tools used to monitor consumer movements online. Including helping to know the movement of competitors as well If translated literally means Social audio eavesdropping tool in the social media world. Such sounds are comments, posts, hashtags. Covering all discussions or opinions through the Set keyword and Monitor. The information obtained helps businesses to know the consumer’s needs or behavior in depth. to see how consumers feel about the brand Do they have a positive or negative attitude? and want the brand to come out in what form which businesses can use this information to plan strategies to develop products and services to be able to meet the needs of consumers as much as possible

Examples of Social Listening Tools to take advantage

Engage with customers

As you set keywords, product names or terms related to your products into the program, then monitor to see what customers are saying about your brand. If the customer has any questions or want more information You can comment. Engage to provide accurate information Help to impress customers

Build a customer database

You can use this tool. Build a database of customers especially the customers in the target group In fact, you never know who your target customers are. Even if you infer it yourself, based on guesswork, using the product as a customer segmentation criterion. Or think to yourself that your product is suitable for people, gender, age, but it’s not 100% accurate. This is interested in your product. Instead, the Social Listening Tools eavesdrop on the customer’s voice. Whenever customers are talking about your brand. You can immediately know which customer is the real target audience.

Develop products to meet the needs

After you have analyzed Through the use of this tool, the information can be used to plan for improvement. or product development To be able to meet the needs of consumers as much as possible Social Listening Tools analytics will help you understand consumer movements. which the information obtained is in-depth to the point that What is the consumer’s attitude towards your brand? How do they want your brand to emerge? These are important implications for purchasing decisions.

Develop a strategy to counter competitors

In addition to knowing the true needs of consumers. Can also know the movement of competitors as well. Instead of setting keywords, product names or words related to your brand, you may set keywords as competitor’s product names instead, and then monitor the movement of competitors. See what competitors are doing What campaigns do they have? Or are you organizing any promotion? as well as see how the customer’s attitude towards the competitor’s brand compared to your brand You can use this information to plan a strategy to respond in a timely manner.

Create Contact

Marketing on the social media world through Contacts is the key. Contacts that hit great contacts can turn a business into widely known. And generate satisfactory sales, especially contacts that are trending, which Social Listening Tools can tell you. In addition, it can also tell which channels should be posted Contact. What channels are consumers interested in your brand? Instead, you will be posting Contacts in every channel with huge advertising dollars. You just pay for advertising to spread Contact in the channels that customers are most interested in. Just this can save a lot of costs ever.

social listening tools

Social Listening Tools can be used infinitely. It can be called an effective tool to penetrate the digital world. With the work of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is designed to work for humans. With fast, accurate, and efficient analytics of Big data such as Mandala Analytics, the provider of Social Listening Tools, helps businesses cope with the digital world effectively.

Mandala Analytics is Business Intelligence or BI designed to enable AI to analyze Big data quickly and accurately. Especially social media that are very popular nowadays such as Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , Twitter , as well as web forums like Pantip , no matter what users are talking about your brand . You can immediately sense that movement. Reduces manpower costs Including various advertising and public relations with a service to summarize the results in a report to be presented at the meeting

social listening tools

Social Listening Tools This tool is very important to businesses. Help businesses to market effectively online. And if you are looking for a provider of Social Listening Tools, Mandala Analysis, Data Analytics and Insight Service Provider can help increase sales of your business by 100%.

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