How to treat covid in lungs Can you take care of yourself first?

How to treat covid in lungs Can you take care of yourself first? because of covid-19 virus It is a virus that directly targets the lungs. An organ that plays an important role in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Which affects the circulatory system in the lungs and all body systems. When the infection ‘Covid enters the lungs’, it causes abnormal lung function. which can be so severe that it can lead to death I invite you to understand… How to check If suspected of covid in the lungs?

How does covid go into the lungs, how does it manifest?

In addition to the tinyness that we can’t see with the naked eye. The sensitivity and silence of the COVID-19 virus It is also an important highlight that requires us to be careful and set high cards. especially the elderly group people with underlying disease and those who are overweight If you have been screened and found to be infected May be at risk of having more severe symptoms than those infected in the general group especially in those who are obese This is an important factor that makes the lungs work less. Plus, covid infection directly affects lung function. due to lower gas exchange efficiency As a result, blood oxygen levels are correspondingly lower. There are various symptoms that can occur as follows:

breathlessness even when doing activities that are not very active

Difficulty breathing, สุขภาพดี shortness of breath, or not being able to fully breathe

chest pain

Cough, dry cough, or cough with mucus

Has a fever of 37.5°C or more

Along with checking the symptoms of COVID into the lungs preliminary by yourself With a fingertip pulse oximeter device that should not have a level below 95%, it is recommended that COVID patients monitor their blood oxygen at least twice a day. To check if the coronavirus has reached the lungs, for example, sit up and sit for 1 minute or hold your breath for 10-15 seconds and measure blood oxygen levels immediately. If the level is lower than 94% and is accompanied by breathlessness suspected coronavirus in the lungs However, the symptoms of COVID in the lungs or COVID pneumonia Can be found in about 50-70% of people who are infected. Regular observation of symptoms is something that patients should do regularly.

Covid in the lungs, treatment

How to treat covid in lungs Can you take care of yourself first?

If there are symptoms suspected of being infected with COVID into the lungs Your doctor will confirm the results by taking a chest X-ray to begin the treatment process. which is primarily a drug based on the patient’s symptoms to stop the severity and spread of the COVID-19 virus to other organs

Adjust the sleeping position to increase oxygen in the lungs in the prone, side, and semi-sitting positions (30 minutes – 2 hours).

Move and move your legs often. to stimulate the circulatory system and prevent blood clots

Drink plenty of water, about 2-2.5 liters per day, and eat enough nutritious food.

For those who have regular medication to eat regularly. If you have high blood pressure, you should measure your blood pressure continuously.

Including the preparation of medicines and necessary equipment such as antipyretics and blood oxygen monitors at the fingertips. Along with taking care of your health, especially taking various herbal medicines. under close medical advice with constant monitoring of their symptoms Including green patients should be careful. and prevent the infection from entering the lungs during treatment as well

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