How to Make Money With The Wild Bonus Deuces Wild RulesThis is part two of my Deuces Wild review. In this article I will go over the most effective ways to build a big bankroll and avoid bad hands in the long run. There are two different ways you can play the game of Deuces Wild. You can play with the wild or standard decks. It’s pretty simple, really.

Standard deck – Basically the deuces you see in the bonus section of the card are called standard deuces. They are usually a straight flush or four of a kind. The wild cards assist greatly in this department. In fact, you will find more flushes, straights, and other four-of-a kinds in the regular deck of Deuce Wild than in the bonus section. The best paying hands in bonus deuces wild are a royal flush, four of a kind, and sometimes a five of a kind or seven of a kind.

When you see these types of hands in a pack of deuces the odds of winning are very high. So high, in fact, that you will almost always win the pot no matter what you do. Royal flushes are the best hands, because they are extremely rare and if you hit one you can almost guarantee that you will have a straight, flush or four of a kind. Straight flushes are somewhat common, but they are not worth the big money they give up in the winnings. Four of a kind and seven of a kind are worth more than royal flushes.

In a normal-sized pot of deuces games, two straight flushes will give you a reasonable pot, however, when you add the odds of having a royal flush the pot becomes much larger. The reason is that you have a much greater chance of getting a royal flush versus a straight flush, especially with smaller pots. It is usually better to play the straight and go for a high hand than it is to go for a flush when you have a small pot, because the chance of having the cards you need is much better with a flush than it is with a straight.

The best betting strategy when using the bonus deuces wild rules is to bet early and often. There is not usually any type of time frame when you would want to bet because all you have to do is look at the board and find out which cards are available for you to have. This is especially helpful when you are playing in the smaller pots because if you wait too long to bet you might miss on some great paying cards. The best time to bet is when you see two four’s or a three of a kind on the board.

Another way to make money with the bonus deuces wild rules is to use the Wild Card Bonus. There are three ways to earn the extra four free cards. If you have already got a Royal flush, then you must pay the full amount of the Royal flush before you can win another card. If you have already got a straight and a flush, then you must pay the full amount of both the straight and the flush before you can win another card.

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