Nasal spray ” and how does it affect the blood vessels?

The human nose is responsible for breathing air into the body through the nostrils on either side. transports air through the respiratory system into the lungs When we breathe in fresh air, there is no problem. But when we breathe germs When poisonous air enters our nose, it becomes an immediate problem. And it would be impossible for us to choose to breathe only good air. No dust or these stimulants enter the body through the nose. So many times the nose has to work hard to filter the air and the first line of germs. When a large number of germs are brought into the collection, it causes inflammation in the nasal cavity.

Did you know that in our noses there are blood vessels that expand the inner respiratory tract? When there is a trigger for inflammation The blood vessels in the nasal cavity are immediately swollen and red. And when the blood vessels expand more, it will result in stuffy nose, runny nose, shortness of breath.

The initial symptoms when the blood vessels constrict in the nasal cavity. can be observed on their own If you have the above symptoms, assess yourself whether the blood vessels in the nasal cavity are expanding or inflamed.

nasal irritation

frequent runny nose

stinging or pain in the nose

red swollen septum

With the onset of the contraction of the blood vessels in the nasal cavity, and then how to make it the fastest is the “nasal spray” the pill “nasal spray” will reduce the symptoms as quickly as possible. This is because the vasodilators used as “nasal sprays” are quick-acting within 5 minutes and can heal symptoms for up to 12 hours.

Drug “nasal spray” is a remedy for a stuffy nose. It is a drug that works to help the blood vessels around the nose constrict. Used to reduce swelling and nasal congestion due to dilated blood vessels from various causes such as allergies, common cold with stuffy nose, sinusitis, allergic reactions, etc. Symptoms will improve quickly. However, it is not recommended to use “nasal spray” in the nasal congestion group for more than 5 days as recommended by a doctor. Because it can cause symptoms to be repeated easily. When using the “nasal spray” drug , symptoms improve quickly. As a result, many people become addicted to the drug and make it so often that it becomes necessary.

A ” พ่นจมูก nasal spray” that constricts blood vessels is one of the most widely used medications. There are many brands to choose from. Different in the ingredients and some drugs that will help treat specific areas. for diseases related to pharyngitis in the nose It is mainly used to reduce nasal congestion. and chased down other side effects

The “nasal spray” is a medicine packaged in a small bottle. Use the method of distribution by spray head. when spraying into the nose The aerosol will disperse into a fine mist. It works by causing the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa to shrink. causing the nasal mucosa to swell Improve the patient’s nasal congestion Nasal vasodilators work faster than oral medications. It is effective within 5-10 minutes after spraying immediately.

Treatment of atherosclerosis with “nasal spray” and steroid medication.

Vasoconstrictors that are used as “nasal sprays” also have anti-inflammatory effects. which enhances its effect with steroid medicine “nasal spray” in the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis. The vasodilator, which is used as a “nasal spray,” causes the lining of the nose to swell and swell. This makes the steroid nasal spray more likely to come into contact with the inflamed lining of the nose and/or sinuses. or rhinitis better The steroid nasal spray has a good anti-inflammatory effect.

If you want to treat rhinitis directly Should be treated with steroid nasal spray + vasoconstrictor nasal spray. Nasal and/or sinus symptoms improve faster than steroid nasal spray alone. This is because nasal steroids work by directly inhibiting the synthesis of proteins involved in inflammation. Therefore, it takes longer than steroid nasal sprays to take effect to suppress the initial symptoms. Therefore, it is popular to use “nasal spray” with a mixture of steroid drugs together for the most effective treatment.

But after using the drug “nasal spray” to constrict blood vessels. when the blood vessel constriction effect is exhausted The nasal mucosa may become swollen again. Because there is a stimulus to expand the blood vessels back to the same, when the “nasal spray” drug wears off, there is a chance that the blood vessels will swell more than before. causing more nasal congestion As a result, many patients use the “nasal spray” type of aerosol so often that it can cause resistance and drug resistance.

But caution should be exercised when using a “nasal spray” to treat constricted blood vessels in the nose. If a patient is using the “nasal spray” vasodilator for more than 2 weeks continuously, it can lead to drug-induced rhinitis . Too long if used under the guidance of a doctor. It will be effective in good treatment. and reduce the likelihood of various side effects from drugs in the future

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