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I’ll have access to therapy and drugs to help me go back to managing My Mom Nude home and children without caring so much about the hollow shell he’s made of me. All I know is I don’t have access to every single cops body cams, nor does the public, so I’m not sure what the problem is. And if there is a problem with police body cam footage getting to the internet other than what is public domain, it’s a larger issue that what the sex is of the officer. Getting to see everyone at the different expos and conventions is also amazing. Proctor said he is the kids’ father, but doesn’t have a problem with him getting a DNA test, as long as he pays for it. And if you dont see a problem with it, then you’re ok with much more invasion of privacy that I am. I am due to give birth soon with all of the raging hormones that go along with it, in addition to supplemental hormones to support the pregnancy


> It takes basic elements from a porn movie such as stunning babes in an erotic setting, filming themselves with a camera, and adds a layer of interaction to it, making everything realistic. No one thought that Lupe was 10. And I imagine that the video was professionally made, not some home movie. TIL that a NYC man was exonerated and released, after being held in jail for transporting child pornography, when pornstar Lupe Fuentes flew from spain to appear at his trial with her ID and passport proving her age. Your preferred age range doesn’t matter, because we have a large variety of different women. He is heavily addicted to porn, cam girls and masturbating to women that he works with/interacts with day to day, anyone who isn’t me. He doesn’t even buy me presents and he’s buying all these girls so many things. He walked me to the bathroom and now he’s waiting outside for me so I don’t go home without telling him


> But BOSSIP has learned that the pair have been separated for at least six months and are now are embroiled in a custody and child support battle, according to court papers. She’s also asked the judge to enforce a confidential settlement agreement they made before their youngest child Cashmere Saint was born last September. But Proctor countersued Newton for full physical custody, child support, health benefits, life insurance for the children and her lawyer and expert fees. Newton also said that once he’s legally deemed the father, he’d like joint physical custody with Proctor. Proctor revealed in court papers that she and her longtime lover have been separated for months, and she said she moved out of Newton’s home and planned to return to her native Maryland with the kids. She said that since Newton plans to stay in his native Georgia, a joint custody plan would be unworkable. “She has absolutely no source of income,” Proctor’s court papers state, adding that Newton has been her and the children’s sole financial supporter


> Newton acknowledged that he signed the kids’ birth certificates, but wants DNA proof. I just wanna go home so badly I don’t even wanna be around him. On most adult cam sites, you don’t require paying for hosting your own page. I don’t even have an issue with porn, I swear if pornhub was the most visited site, I would have teased him about jerking off so much and that’s it. Partners listed on the PussyCash website include BeNaughty, Xtube, and Pornhub. PussyCash hosts affiliation programs for multiple adult sites, paying webmasters for traffic sent to the sites through banners and exit traffic. The owner of ImLive and PussyCash is officially listed as I.M.L. Sometimes, the extent of a data breach and the owner of the data are obvious, and the issue quickly resolved. This leak has exposed the personal data and likeness of over 4,000 models among more than 875,000 files and has high-risk, real life implications for said model


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