Hilarious! Foods found to help fight COVID-19 better than Kaempferia and Favipiravia

at present Call it an emergency that cause emerging diseases like Covid-19 in Thailand is very much that has it all And now most of them Favipiravia will be used. To help stop the epidemic and help in the field of initial treatment.

But do you know? Now there are many important nutrients that have it all. that can stop the fight against COVID-19, most of which we will only know “Fah Talai Bandit” “Kachai Kao” or antibiotics like “Favipiravia” until there are researchers, scientists. to discover and prove by using scientific tools He found that there were still many important nutrients. that can really fight against COVID-19

by Prof. Dr. Prachya Kongthaweelert, a biochemical researcher Chiang Mai University Has revealed that now, especially in our home. There are many important nutrients ever. containing substances that inhibit the spread of COVID-19 It can also be found in the market as well, such as hesperidin, which is found in citrus, lemon, and kaffir lime. and effective as well

What is Hesperidine?

For the substance Hesperidin (Hesperidin) is regarded as another place of discovery. and easy to find From nature that has it all. and is still a substance at our home have and are easy to find general public Can be found and if eaten or consumed as well. Especially often found in citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, or including citrus fruits.

Moreover, สุขภาพ.cc that kind of substance is also an antioxidant that can help inhibit and is a process of cell destruction and anti-inflammatory and reduce fat and can also help prevent various diseases and can also help reduce cholesterol As well as ever as well as being flexible in the efficiency of transporting blood back to the heart and can help reduce the problem of varicose veins When talking about helping to stop Covid-19, then hesperidine. It also has a function and is able to help inhibit the release of “histamine” from the lung cells as well. It also helps to treat allergic reactions. and improves skin health as well

Hesperidine-based food Help stop covid 19

1. Orange, lemon – regarded as a fruit that is popular with many people that has it all. It is also easy to find in the general market as well. sweet and sour taste and its attractiveness is The availability of popular nutrients And are essential to the body such as calcium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, so this is another part. who can help and be hopeful as well and is one of the fruits containing hesperidine The research results from Professor Dr. Prachya Kongthaweelert have found that it can be effective up to 8.6 in helping to stop Covid-19. The best as well

2. Green tea – a drink that can be found easily in the general market ever. And has been very popular nowadays when it comes to brew with hot water, it has a light green color. and is a tea that can be eaten for health as well as being processed Within many forms So that those who eat it can experience the taste and deliciousness, plus there are many benefits. And most importantly, the research found that It has a high efficiency of 8.5 that can help stop Covid-19 as well, which is higher than antibiotics like ” Favipiravia”.

3. Riceberry – Rich in many nutrients. And it also creates a benefit that is quite noticeable. and can be found in the general market as well Good antioxidant properties And is rich in substances such as folate in high quantities, it is also rich in Many nutrients that are beneficial to a variety of body types that have it all Beta-carotene, gamma-oryzanol, vitamin E, vitamin B1, lutein, tannin, zinc, omega-3, iron, polyphenols and fiber, etc. Surprisingly, research has found that nutrients and riceberry can help stop Covid-19. very well as well

4. Grapes – a perennial plant, clematis vines. and produces a round shaped bunch that can be called an answer both in terms of zest and still have a slightly sweet and sour taste That can be called the answer in terms of properties that nourish the body as well as ever. It also has many properties. Effective and also helps relieve chronic cough or treat cold symptoms as well. The research found that the grapes themselves. Contains substances that help stop Covid-19 and scores that are quite satisfactory.

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