Here are some things you should know before buying bitcoin in 2021.

If you start to have interest in investment through Cryptocurrency You may be familiar with the term Bitcoin, but are you wondering? Why is everyone suggesting that newbies start learning from Bitcoin? or start investing with bitcoin first

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency. And it’s the most valuable in the crypto market today. can be used to exchange products and services without going through an intermediary mean Even if you are in any country in the world, you can conduct financial transactions through the country. just have internet And more importantly, the transaction fees are very cheap. if compared to the transaction process through an intermediary

Use Blockchain to Work

Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology to record transactions. Blockchain is the most reliable and non-threatening storage technology. There is a decentralized working style. where a copy of the data is stored on all computers in the network Including the system will check that all the information is consistent on a regular basis. Therefore, it is difficult to forge information. including being able to review transparently

How to Hack Data in the Blockchain Network A hacker or a bad person only needs to hack more than half of the computers on the network. for that reason Bitcoins built on the blockchain are therefore highly secure transactions. It can be said that since the birth of Bitcoin, no one has been able to forge data on the blockchain.

Bitcoin only has 21 million dollars.

Bitcoin is limited to $21 million, as bitcoin producers have speculated that If the number of bitcoins is increasing rapidly and without limits may result in inflation. And this will cause the price of bitcoin (look at more info) to drop until it disappears from the market.

Therefore, limiting the amount of bitcoins is a power cut from the beginning to avoid unforeseen events in the future. And with the limited features of this Bitcoin itself will result in a higher price of Bitcoin in the future.

Other currency prototypes

Bitcoin is a successful digital currency and also a crypto. The most valuable in the world This made the majority of people satisfied and agreed to give digital money more of their daily responsibilities. and must agree that the completion of bitcoin be inspired gave birth to other digital coins Followed by thousands of surnames all over the world. Also known as Altcoin, it is an avenue currency created for investors who wish to diversify their exposures in any other currency except Bitcoin.

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