have a slender face was happier and more confident Eliminate the disadvantages of the front – a lot of wattle with liposuction surgery at “Natchaya Clinic” Thailand

Hello, my name is Farida. Farida was the one who always wanted a slim face. Because Farida is a rather large person. Has a face that is big, round, and has a lot of fat under the chin. The face is very swollen. Whichever corner you turn, there are only wattles No matter where you take a photo, it still looks like a big face. It’s very difficult to find a corner to take a photo. When you see someone with a slim face, clearly defined face, you can’t help but envy him. and then find a way to always want to make your face like that

Picture before undergoing liposuction surgery at Natchaya Clinic

Farida had tried many methods. both diet Both injecting botox to reduce the jaw. Both injecting fat to break down fat But in the end, I must be disappointed because in addition to not seeing results I had to get hurt and pay for several rounds of injections. I was very discouraged and saw results for only a short time. Injected for only a few months Niang is back again. Like taking a risk Wasting a lot of money But our faces are not getting any smaller. At first I thought it was hopeless. until I realized that liposuction surgery can help So study the information in detail. Look at reviews from different places, different clinics to see where is good. Really see a lot of reviews because some of them are scared too. Fear of having problems after doing it And I don’t want to get hurt often. I want to be beautiful. End in one round.

The reason for liposuction at Natchaya Clinic

The reason for choosing fat at Natchaya Clinic was because Farida had seen the reviews from Natchaya Clinic and therefore sought more information about the doctor. And saw that the doctor had a lot of experience in liposuction. Graduated with a specialized surgeon Patients treated with the doctor came out beautiful in every case. The clinic is standard and is very famous for liposuction So I decided to do it here. I admit that in the past I only saw other people’s reviews. But when I come in and do it, I’m impressed, so I want to write my own review. Liposuction machines here use the Bodytite machine, which is a standard liposuction machine. and it’s safe When I came in, I had some concerns, but the elders here took good care of me and the doctor gave good advice. thus alleviating worries and I am sure that it will come out well

Preparation before liposuction

1. Remove contact lenses.

2. No make-up

3. Get enough rest, drink plenty of water and food.

4. No supplements for at least 2 weeks or more.

5. Calm down, do not tense, relax.

6. Refrain from drinking alcohol and cigarettes.

the result

After liposuction, I would say that I was quite shocked. because I didn’t think I would see results this fast. It was as I had hoped. I’ve done it and I’m much happier. more confident too because the wattle that used to have The cheeks that used to hang, sagging, are gone. then the cheeks lifted slimmer face Take photos at any angle, you feel confident, thick, you can see dimensions, no matter what angle you turn, it looks sharp and beautiful. Plus, people around me say a lot that my face looks smaller, ดูดเหนียง looks better, I’m very impressed.

After liposuction surgery at Natchaya Clinic until the face is in place.

You will see results immediately after the procedure.

After injecting Botox, you will see full results after 2-3 months of injection.

The treatment effect lasts for a long time. Do not need to suck repeatedly

The treatment effect lasts only 4-6 months.

Swelling for at least 1-2 weeks

There was little swelling after the injection.

The cost is quite high.

the price is not high

Solve problems on the spot

in some patients After injection, the face may not be smaller.

Wound care after liposuction

After liposuction, patients should be careful. and avoiding the area of ​​the liposuction wound to be exposed to water A plaster patch may be applied to the wound for waterproofing every time before taking a shower. until you cut it and clean the wound regularly By cleaning every morning and evening with saline and should take all the medicine as prescribed by the doctor

The cold compress will reduce swelling, bruising and will also stop the bleeding. After liposuction, let the patient apply a cold compress using cold gel. Or a cold cloth to compress the area with swelling and bruising for about 15-20 minutes /time, 2-3 times a day for a period of 3 days. Each time the cold compress Have the patient use a napkin to prevent the cooling gel from directly touching the skin Because otherwise it can cause skin burns from cold

to hot compresses.

After 2-3 days of cold compression, on the 4th day, let the patient begin to apply hot compress. By compressing for 15-20 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day for at least 2 days to reduce swelling. and good blood circulation

wearing a cloth that is tied to the face

The use of face banding in patients with liposuction It is very important, otherwise the skin around the liposuction area. There may be sagging or hanging, so it is recommended that patients use a bandage around their face for 24 hours after liposuction and afterwards. Use a bandage on your face for 6-8 hours a day. for a period of 1 month to tighten the skin around the liposuction area

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