Find out how to Lose Cash With Boycotts

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Mention the Olympics and imagery from the modern Olympics usually comes to mind, but the ancient Olympic Games were somewhat different. It is widely known that over their 120-year history, the modern Olympic Games have been suspended twice by world wars and harmed by a series of incidents including the killing of athletes by terrorists (1972) and retaliatory boycotts led by major powers (1980, 1984). By contrast, the ancient Olympic Games were never interrupted by acts of war even once over their long 1,200-year history, a period tenfold that of the modern Games. This was not a manifestation of the ideal of achieving world peace, but rather a pragmatic arrangement aimed at ensuring the safety and security of the athletes. It would be easy to miss local specifics while on such a trip, and she had plenty to think about between her own travels, the shaky economy and ominous rumblings already audible that would become the next world war. If you think the exchange rate will rise you can open a ‘Buy’ position.