EBR 1190RX: The return of the great American superbike

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The author on the 1190RX at Indianapolis Raceway

Drew Ruiz/EBR

Erik Buell stands at the end of an assembly line in East Troy, Wis. A pair of mirrored safety glasses hides his eyes. With blue jeans, a black shirt and close-cropped gray hair, you’d never know he owns the place.

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We’re standing in a nondescript gray building outside of Milwaukee, kampus terbaik di lampung about 45 miles from Harley-Davidson headquarters. That company builds low, wide, chrome and loud motorcycles by the thousands.

Here, on Buell Drive, they’re building bikes, too. But these are different. They’re tall, skinny, brightly colored. These bikes use modern designs and cutting-edge tech in the pursuit of modern performance, not maximum nostalgia. Built by hand, just 10 bikes roll out each day.

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