Duklong Cafe’ & Restaurant Nakhon Nayok Thailand

Duklong Cafe’ & Restaurant Nakhon Nayok, another beautiful cafe in Khlong 16 Rangsit-Ongkharak area also shady There is a beautiful photo corner Please be patient and do not press the shutter. And there are also menus to please sweet lovers like sweets, coffee, and savory dishes that love sweet tastes. like papaya salad to serve Let’s go to see the atmosphere better. will be followed to check in right

Cafes and restaurants in Isaan style. Super happy by the canal Decorated in a variety of styles with a warm feel The middle of the garden is shady with greenery. The spacious interior of the shop is divided into 2 zones: a cafe zone that comes in a comfortable feel homey the back part is The restaurant is located along the canal. Suitable for those who are sweet and those who love nature. You can take photos with both chic and green themes. Come to this restaurant to enjoy the sound of birds singing and nature sounds. Along with eating dishes that include savory dishes like Isaan food, various salads, spicy salads, and boiled dishes, culminating with delicious desserts that are equally delicate. It is a cafe that comes to enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest.

The shop is located in Khlong 16 Ong Rak. If coming from Bangkok, it takes only 1 hour to travel. Very close. After arriving, park the car beside the shop and walk a bit and you will find the entrance to the shop decorated with bamboo. Walk through the door to find a cafe zone. that had to make them stop taking pictures at different angles both wall painting and the angle of the wrought iron chair seat in the arch at the back It is decorated in a cute and comfortable way.

Inside the cafe is an air-conditioned room. Come in and feel the warmth by playing earth tones. and wooden furniture The sofa also comes in the same color scheme. Add a fresh green corner with cactus and air purifier The menu focuses on desserts, which include Cakes, bakery, toasts, pancakes, toasts. The drinks menu is just like a typical cafe. Order pancakes that come with ice cream, honey, toasted bananas. It smells good and tastes good. As for drinks, order orange coffee. mediocre taste

From the cafe zone, it is green and packed with plants and flowers. various ornamental plants There are seating arrangements along the small canal in the middle of the shop. This area is a sitting corner and a lot of photo opportunities. Both the archway and the trees and a seat by the canal both a beach chair Corner terrace by the canal with Japanese style seating Including a small walkway across the canal for walking.

before entering the restaurant zone It’s a straw scene with a shop sign. decorated with bicycle Entering the restaurant zone, you will find an English-style garden and a small fountain.

The restaurant zone is located next to the main canal. There are seats in the air-conditioned zone. and open-air seating along the canal Including a corner for sitting and relaxing to see the atmosphere of a shop that is quite airy, suitable for traveling in this era. Plus, it can be decorated in a variety of ways. Let’s walk around and enjoy it.

The food focuses on northeastern food menus, such as papaya salad, spicy salad, spicy salad, and waterfall, ordering corn salad, cooked shrimp, fermented fish, grilled pork neck, and salmon. Cartilage Curry The shop uses quite good ingredients, fresh salmon, mellow taste of papaya salad, smell of pickled fish, good smell. The grilled pork neck is soft and slightly oily. It’s a pig’s neck that feels This is really grilled pork neck. Dipping with dipping sauce is Dee. Dou Klong Cafe is another restaurant in Nakhon Nayok that gives a thumbs up for the decoration atmosphere. including the taste of food that can visit Sit and relax for the whole family, like children. Because the shop is wide, there is a corner for running and playing. As for the photography line, it’s guaranteed to have a lot of photographic angles.

see canal cafe

Address 108 Village No. 1, Bueng San Subdistrict, Ong Rak District, Rural Road N.L. 3022, Nakhon Nayok 26120

Open for service Monday – Friday 10:00 – 19:00 ,Saturday, Sunday 09:00 – 19:00

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