Daily behavior and the current “cancer” risk and health care

Cancer can be considered a silent threat with no warning signs. However, it is also the number one cause of death for Thai people as well as having more chances to happen to younger people. One of the causes of cancer comes from risky behavior and the current environment. It is a space that gives an opportunity for cancer to spread.

at the same time cancer It is still a deadly disease that kills the people of Thailand. And there is a higher mortality direction every year. Found 5 classes of cancer that are most common in Thai people. by men and women with different risk rates along with revealing favorite practices in the daily life of many people Perhaps he was attacking without even realizing it. However, it is the sweet act of cancer. 3 tips can be avoided, reduced, and supplemented.

to reduce the risk And far away from cancer over the past two years, many countries around the world Including the people of Thailand faced with a great crisis. The spread of the COVID-19 virus bring about the creation of lockdown measures and stepped into the new normal era to adjust the lifestyle model in accordance with the prevention and protection of the epidemic of the virus for example Social distancing in social distancing

negatively affects all ages

While working people aged 22-60 years need to go to the principle of working from home. instead of traveling to work at the traditional workplace Group of students, students, students from kindergarten to university level It is necessary to enter the classroom through an online system. Including the process of doing activities in daily routines through almost all online platforms almost without having to move out of the house

behavior and risk

Accumulated stress: adjusting habits and working in a new way Must study new technologies and cannot divide time off from work. or balanced tuition More with will have to face economic problems. And many people face unemployment problems.

Not getting enough rest : insomnia for a long period of time. The consequences of cumulative stress from the adaptation of the new normal receptor.

Unhealthy eating: frozen food, ready meals, snacks and repetitive behaviors frequent fast food It is usually a meat dish that is cooked by frying or stir-frying. that are often high in fat, making them obese Both increase the risk that will result in cancer.

Lack of exercise: less physical activity day in and day out Due to the inability to manage time often run out of time for work little budge or almost did not move, move out of the house

Now there are more and more new diseases. But cancer still ranks amongst the most deadly diseases in Thailand each year. Including expected to have an ever increasing height 70% of the causes of cancer come from daily practice. that can be avoided

Avoiding…the potential cancer risk

Avoid behaviors that risk cancer spreading unexpectedly. Or even know beforehand, it can be controlled and cured. 3 tips to avoid, reduce, supplement to reduce the risk of cancer. malicious behavior But it’s the sweetheart of cancer. in accordance with the New Normal

Avoid inhaling toxic fumes containing cancer-causing substances, such as cigarette smoke or incense smoke, in your home or surrounding area. because in the days when many people needed to be quarantined at home Activities may be in a limited area. For example, smoking tobacco in the home. or condo balcony, healthy etc.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. especially during cowid-19 and an unpredictable economy This may cause many of you to turn to alcoholic beverages for more stress relief.

Avoid driving on time or regular constipation from eating food that is not fresh or stale food There is a cause that is caused by the enjoyment of work. little budge Eat a diet low in fiber

Reduce food that contains nitrosamines in modified meat such as sausages, ham, bacon, Chinese sausage, etc. from the menu that comes with promotions through the delivery method. stimulate what buyers want

Cut down on high-carbon foods from burnt foods. and the oil that has been fried many times over Reduce foods that contain alpha-toxin used to In dry, moist foods such as ground peas, chili powder, or dried shrimp.

In conclusion…if you can use ways to avoid, reduce, supplement, and adjust your daily life behavior. even helping to give birth to a foundation of regular health care By choosing to eat a variety of foods, complete 5 groups according to nutrition Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. exercise regularly rest enough and maintains the mind without stress

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