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I didn’t know what to do, but I was too stunned and didn’t want to leave her hanging. Says she didn’t want to admit to herself how bad off she was. In certain embodiments, the multiple first reactions are conducted on an ELISA plate and include: (i) duplicate IDUA and 4MU standard curve reactions; (ii) HQC, MQC and/or LQC (all in duplicate) quality controls, which are at levels back calculated from the IDUA standard curve and 4MU; and (iii) subject (healthy and/or MPS I) samples. In some embodiments, the DNA binding domain is part of a TtAgo system (see Swarts et al, ibid; Sheng et al, ibid). The repeated sequence comprises approximately 102 bp and the repeats are typically 91-100% homologous with each other (Bonas et al, ibid). In certain aspects, the sample comprises plasma, which may be treated with heparin, EDTA and/or the like. In certain embodiments, during method qualification, both standard curves (recombinant enzyme, 4MU), accuracy (in terms of enzyme concentration) and precision (in terms of enzyme activity), dilutional linearity, sample stability, selectivity and specificity may be evaluated. In preferred embodiments, the reaction(s) is(are) incubated for about 3 hours.

The reaction(s) (e.g., IDUA standard curve, quality control reactions, patient samples) may be incubated for any amount of time, including but not limited to 1, 2, 3 or more hours. In certain embodiments, the assays described herein assess IDS or nude cam chat free [] IDUA activity of an IDS or IDUA transgene integrated into a cell of the subject using one or more nucleases. In certain embodiments, the substrate is not diluted. Any suitable buffer can be used for dilution, including but not limited to substrate buffer as described in the Examples. When diluted, the substrate may be diluted prior to addition to the reaction mixture, including but not limited diluted in buffer by 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:7, 1:8, 1:9, 1:10, 1:20 or more. The 4MU standard curve (in well concentration is generated as described in the art, namely by providing serial dilutions of 4MU in the same buffer composition as in enzyme reaction. The mean activity for each set of controls is back calculated from the 4MU standard curve. 4MU concentration can range to 0.235-50 .mu.M or wider.

Similarly, any concentration of rIDUA (data presented: 0.039 ng/mL to 5 ng/mL (in-well) purchased from R&D Systems) may be used in the reactions used to generate the IDUA standard curve as described herein providing the enzyme activity covers the range of quantification from 0.66 to 223.7 nmol/hr/mL or wider. Preferably, the IDUA reference reactions are run (e.g., in duplicate) in the same assay (e.g., ELISA plate) in which the sample reactions and 4MU standard curve reactions are run. Further, samples from MPS I subjects may be from treated or untreated subjects, including MPS I subjects treated with gene therapy methods (e.g., nuclease-mediated targeted integration of IDUA into the liver as described below). To generate the IDUA standard curve (serial dilute 5 ng/mL of rIDUA two-fold to 0.039 ng/mL in 10% heated inactivated human plasma/assay diluent), any IDUA substrate (4MU-IDUA) may be used in the reactions described herein, including but not limited to a diluted or undiluted stock solution at 0.36 mM (or any value therebetween).

An eight-point rIDUA standard curve was prepared by 2-fold serial dilution of rIDUA starting from 5 ng/mL to 0.039 ng/mL in assay diluent (1.times.PBS containing 0.2%BSA and 10% heat inactivated human plasma). An eight-point 4MU standard curve was prepared by 2-fold serial dilution of 4MU starting from 35 .mu.M to 0.197 .mu.M in assay diluent (1.times.PBS containing 0.2% BSA and 10% heat inactivated human plasma). Samples will then back-calculated to 4MU standard curve. Standard curves are generated from the reactions as described above comprising rIDUA using known techniques and as shown in the appended Examples and Figures. Acceptance can also be evaluated using data from the two sets for quality controls (HQC, MQC, and LQC), run in duplicate. Methods of evaluating assay acceptance criteria using the assays and methods described herein are also provided. The levels of detectable moiety are measured using the appropriate micro plate reader. For ELISA plates, fluorescence signal was acquired using (365 nm excitation, 450 nm emission) plate reader.

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