Catherine Zeta-Jones Invites Fans Inside Her Christmas

Catherine Zeta-Jones normally keeps her personal life very non-public. But this Christmas the 47-yr-old Oscar-profitable Chicago actress gave social media followers a look at her A-list life. In a single image the household of four is crashed out on their sofa. Catherine is leaning on Dylan and Carys is snuggled up to Michael. The picture is in black-and-white and taken in one among their many mansions. They own property in New York City, a suburb in New York state, Bermuda and Majorca. On the aspect table are framed household photographs. Fancy: Another picture confirmed the decorations in their dining room. Another photograph confirmed the decorations of their dining room. There are wood paneled partitions with a giant green marble-lined fireplace. A garland hangs from the mantle and there are two red wreaths. A large orange painting hangs on the wall. The chairs look antique with light carved wood plus red and gold cushions. The Vogue cowl woman additionally shared a photograph of their towering Christmas tree with white lights and red bows. Across the tree had been over a dozen wrapped packages in red and white. In the hallway was a darkish wooden desk and mirror with a painting throughout from it. Judging from how large the hallway was, the home is most likely enormous. Catherine and Michael wed in 2000 in New York City in an infinite ceremony on the Plaza. In 2013 they break up but obtained back collectively the next yr. They can not quit each other: Catherine and Michael wed in 2000 in New York City in an infinite ceremony on the Plaza.

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U.S. troopers gear up an anti-aircraft missile for launch through the Cuban Missile Crisis. Sure, you is perhaps aware of the few effectively-recognized conditions when the world stared down the nose of a warhead designed to obliterate entire nations, like the Cuban missile crisis. But most of us would likely sleep better at night time assured that there haven’t been too many occasions when the world was on the brink of full nuclear meltdown. Sorry, however you is perhaps in for a lengthy night: Tracy and Holly are dishing out some nuclear near-nightmares in a current episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class. In it, they focus on simply three of the a number of instances that we’ve been one gentle button-push away from utter annihilation. And dive we must, because this shut call comes from a surreptitious Soviet submarine. It’s October 1962, and the aforementioned Cuban missile disaster is in full swing. U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Union Premier Nikita Khrushchev are in a standoff over Soviet nuclear missiles being put in Escort Service in Delhi Cuba.

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Unlike earlier works, we extend slot filling to multi-token entity mentions. Several prior works attempted answering comparative questions utilizing giant LMs (Bagherinezhad et al. 2016; Forbes and Choi 2017; Yang et al. 2018; Talmor et al. 2020). For example, Yang et al (2018) extracted relative object comparisons from pretrained phrase embeddings. As a way to elicit whether or not an elephant was bigger than a tiger, they compared the projection of the phrase embeddings for the thing pair (“elephant” and “tiger”) to the embeddings of hand-coded adjectives, which denote the two poles of the goal dimension (“big” and “small”). Unlike this work, they did not generate questions, or evaluate if in contrast pairs have been perceived as wise by humans. Talmor et al (2020) employed giant neural LMs for a related activity, predicting the slot-filler for sentences like “the dimension of a airplane is MASK than the dimensions of a house” as both “larger” or “smaller”.