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Roblox LIVE with SallyGreenGamer - 동영상 I’m not saying that just because someone masturbated before, that justifies raping them, just that it’s proof that a child could be interested in sex without some sort of prior manipulation having taken place, because you initially made it sound like if a child has sex, it must be the result of some sort of evil scheme or force. I also humped things as a child, so I’ll ask this: If I as a child simply wanted to hump an older girl’s ass instead of an object, but I wasn’t threatened, blackmailed, forced to do so (like you’re saying you were), why would that have been wrong for said girl to allow me to hump her ass then? But even then i think it was wrong to spend months and months playing them on repeat on the news. Guess what! We have great news! Why would that have led to great harm?

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